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About Us

Gender gap reporting is committed to the principle of equal opportunities for all of our colleagues, new and existing, and we strive to eliminate any gender bias in our pay and remuneration packages.

At, we strive to ensure that equal pay between male colleagues and female colleagues is both a moral obligation and a legal right in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. We conduct pay reviews and take specific action to address any inequality in relation to pay, bonuses or commission paid to our colleagues.

From the 4th March 2018,’s headcount increased to over 250 colleagues, after a TUPE transfer and therefore, we are now required by law to publish an annual gender pay report and this report covers all colleagues, as of 30th March 2018 (with a total headcount of 303 colleagues).

We're volunteering our information 12 months early to demonstrate our commitment as an employer to eliminate gender bias and to outline our progression.

Figures for 2018

Mean gender pay gap 20.4%
Median gender pay gap 18.1%
Mean gender bonus gap 76.3%
Median gender bonus gap 51.5%
Percentage of females receiving bonus 15.3%
Percentage of males receiving bonus 12.2%

Quartile reporting Male Female
Quartile 1 60.5% 39.5%
Quartile 2 69.7% 30.3%
Quartile 3 74.6% 25.4%
Quartile 4 76.0% 24.0%

The difference in quartiles is due to the fact we have a higher percentage of males working at than women (70% of our organisation). Male employees generally hold more middle management and senior roles which brings with it eligibility to the bonus scheme which is contributing to the gap. are confident that its gender pay gap does not stem from paying men and women differently for the same work. All colleagues working within our Customer Service Team, Trade Team and Distribution Centre receive the same basic rate of pay for their roles.

We also believe that the gap is also driven by our sector and that the roles offered by are predominantly male-dominated roles that fall into the area of STEM. We are working with external stakeholders and bodies to look at how we can attract more females into these roles as part of our action plan to eliminate the gap.

As part of our continued steps to eliminate the gap we will review our recruitment policy, process and salary structure, together with our Equality & Diversity policy and succession planning/career development processes as we endeavour to close the gap over time, offering more opportunities for women through positive action. is committed to reporting on an annual basis on what we plan to do to reduce the gender pay gap and the progress that is being made.

I can confirm that the data above is accurate.

Paul McClenaghan CEO

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