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Bathroom layout and measurement advice

With any renovation or redecoration task, measuring and planning is a vital part of the preparation. But throw in tiling, plumbing and electrics and a bathroom refurbishment can suddenly become a lot more daunting. But never fear - here at we’ve put together this short guide to help you get started.

Of course, if you’re worried about your measuring and planning abilities, then we recommend contacting a professional service to avoid costly mistakes.

Work out how much room you have

The first thing that you need to do when planning your bathroom is work out how much room you have. This isn’t the same as the physical dimensions of the room, which is where many people come unstuck.

Instead, take measurements for available floorspace and work out where fixtures and fittings would be best placed. This will be largely dependent on your existing pipe network so unless you’re prepared to undergo extensive plumbing alterations then measure with this in mind.

You also need to take out any space taken up by opening doors or other fittings.

Planning and measuring your bathroom layout

Measure twice, cut once

This is a philosophy which should be used whenever the cutting of materials is involved. Some of the materials used in bathrooms, such as tiles, can be expensive and cutting them to the wrong size could result in waste and extra expense.

Measure carefully and accurately to ensure you have everything lined up precisely before making the first cut.

Essential tools

If you’re planning on taking the DIY approach to fitting a bathroom then you’ll need a good set of tools to help with measuring and planning. Here are the top essentials and why they’re important.

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