Last week, we explored the more feminine side of interior design with the French Floral look. This week, it's the men's turn, as we look at a decidedly more masculine approach to your bathroom decor.

When we think of home interiors that are more geared up towards men, many of us will instinctively think of those bachelor pads that were popularised by shows such as Men Behaving Badly, where the characters really didn't care too much about health, hygiene or even look of their flat. Those stereotypes are a little old hat. These days, men are just as houseproud as their female counterparts and want every room in their home to look the part.

The rise in the metrosexual at the turn of the millennium brought sharp focus to looking good and smelling great, with men's grooming now a multi-billion pound global industry. Indeed, even a poll we conducted as recently as 2015 concluded that men spend more time on personal grooming than women, which, if you think about it, is a quite surprising revelation!

So, for all you men out there, we've come up with the perfect look for your man cave. We're calling it "Dark Domain".

What is a "Dark Domain"?

Dark Domain bathroom mood board

Appealing to the more discerning gentleman, Dark Domain is all about creating a place to retreat to, where one can enjoy the finer things in life and indulge in some well-earned rest and relaxation. The style is high-end and designer, reflecting the care and attention which the owner would take with everything he owns.

The "dark" element reflects a shift towards darker colour schemes and the use of luxury materials such as wood or stone, creating a more mysterious feel with a nod to retro designs. Indeed, it is a return to a more refined look, harking back to those classic eras in interior design. We're thinking Don Draper's apartment in Madmen, but with contemporary furnishings.

This trend in masculine interiors has even led to typically female products being marketed towards men. "Mandles" (scented candles for men) and masculine-style vases are increasing in popularity.

When it comes to a resting and relaxing retreat, what better place to begin than the bathroom?

Dark Domain bathroom

Dark Domain bathroom

Offering the perfect antidote to stereotypical "beer with the boys" lad's pad, the Dark Domain bathroom is yours to enjoy during your downtime.

To create this incredible bathroom, we’d recommend the following products:


Mode 8mm wet room panel pack with hinged return panel

To make best use of your space and provide that luxury, high end look and feel, opt for an open-plan wet room. The Mode 8mm wet room panel pack gives you a stylish glass partition, keeping water out but allowing light in. The Mode Matrix thermostatic triple shower valve shower set gives you the option to switch between an overhead shower and a versatile handset.

Mode Matrix thermostatic triple shower valve shower set

Bathroom suite

Mode Arte wall hung toilet with luxury soft close toilet seat

Choose a contemporary bathroom suite with clean lines and simple shapes to complement the look. A wall hung toilet, like the Mode Arte, conceals your cistern and helps keep your floor space clear. A countertop basin, like the Ontario pictured below will give the feel of a designer hotel bathroom.

Orchard Ontario countertop basin

To complement your countertop basin, a wall mounted tap will produce a sleek and minimalist appearance.

Mode Erith wall mounted basin mixer tap


Metropolis tile range

Don't be afraid to go as dark as you like with your tiles. Create large expanses by using concrete look tiles, such as our Metropolis range which contains a variety of different shades.


Mode Meda anthracite heated towel rail

Whilst you’ll want your Dark Domain bathroom to look cool, you’ll definitely want it to feel warm, especially in the depths of winter. A designer towel heater, like our Mode Meda anthracite heated towel rail, is the perfect choice, striking a balance between form and function.

Key elements for your Dark Domain bathroom:

  • A minimalist, uncluttered look—don't drown the room with objects
  • Dark, moody tones—blacks, browns, dark greys, all work well
  • Large flat surfaces—no matter how compact your bathroom is, this will increase the feel of space
  • Functionality—don't lose sight of the fact your bathroom needs to serve a basic purpose
  • Open storage—Rather than closed cabinets, keep everything to hand with shelving or units without doors
  • Manly materials—Think chunky woods, stone or concrete surfaces
  • Clean lines—Keep things contemporary and ensure designs aren't fussy or ornate
  • Industrial—No male bathroom would be complete without the odd industrial accessory here and there

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