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How to use our 3D bathroom planner
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How to use our 3D bathroom planner

Posted by Adam Chard in Room Planning | 2 weeks ago 5 min read

Planning your bathroom is now even easier with our quick & easy 3D bathroom planner tool. We show you how to create realistic bathroom plans in minutes.

Planning your new bathroom just got easier… With our new bathroom planner, you can quickly and easily create a 3D model of your bathroom, add products and even see what different tiles and flooring look like. And the great thing is, it’s really simple to use, whether you’re on a mobile phone or a laptop computer. Within minutes, you can create and save multiple versions of your new bathroom.

Use our 3D bathroom planner now

Simply click on the image above and start designing. However, if you’d like a little help, you can follow our step-by-step guide below.

How to use our 3D bathroom planner

Step 1

Go to the Victoria Plum 3D bathroom planner.

Step 2

Click on “Design a new room” (any bathroom designs you save will appear here too).

Click to design a new bathroom

Step 3

Select the shape of your bathroom.

Don’t worry if your bathroom is a slightly odd shape, you can adjust in the next step.

Select the shape of your bathroom

Step 4

Enter the dimensions of your bathroom in cm.

You can either drag the sides of the room until they reach the correct dimensions or enter the values into the boxes provided.

Enter the dimensions of your bathroom

Step 5

Now you have your bathroom, you can begin to customise. The first thing to do is to position your door by clicking on it then dragging to the correct position. If you have windows, add these by selecting from the menu and dragging to the correct position.

Add a door and any windows to your bathroom

Step 6

You’re now ready to add your products.

Select bathroom products by clicking on each product category and choosing from the list. Simply click on “Add to room”. You can then drag the product to the specific position you wish to install it.

If you wish to remove a product, simply click on it to select and click “Remove”.

We currently offer a selection of our most popular products. To see our full range, head to

Select and drag your product to your desired position

Step 7

Now you have all your products in place, it’s time to choose your walls and floors. Simply click on a wall to select either a paint colour or tiles.

On the floors, simply click on the tiles of your choice or select none to leave blank.

Don’t forget, we have a much wider range of options for your walls and floors at, including vinyl flooring, shower wall panels and more.

Click on any wall to customise

Click on the floor to customise

Step 8

Got your bathroom exactly how you want it? No? Feel free to play around with it a little more, but if the answer is yes… well, here’s the really fun bit.

You can now create a 360 degree view of your bathroom, allowing you to move around and fully immerse yourself in your new design.

Create a 360 degree view of your bathroom

You can also take a high definition (HD) snapshot of your bathroom and save this to your computer, tablet or phone (perfect to send to tradespeople like bathroom fitters, installers or plumbers).

Take a HD snapshot of your bathroom

And, if required, you can also see a top down image by clicking 2D.

Create a top down image of your bathroom

Step 9

Give your design a name at the top of the page. It will be auto-saved, so you can pick right up where you left off (as long as you are using the same device, e.g. phone, tablet or laptop).

Give your design a name

Other features

As you add/remove products, we will keep a running total of costs. Click on this to see your full list, which is added to your basket on

Running total cost of all products in your bathroom design

Turning your plan into reality

Creating an initial 3D design is the first step on your journey to your dream bathroom. You can play about with different ideas, designs, colours and layouts. At Victoria Plum, you’ll find all the help and inspiration you need to turn your initial plan into reality.

Turn your bathroom plan into reality

Start designing today by clicking on the image below.

Use our 3D bathroom planner now

Enquire about Design and Installation

If interior design isn’t your strong point or you simply want someone else to do the thinking for you, why not enquire about our Design and Installation service? Using even more sophisticated bathroom design software, our team of expert bathroom designers will happily create you a free, no-obligation design, tailored to your needs and wants. Plus, we’ll supply you with a full product list, so you’ll have everything you need.

At this point, you can find and contact your own tradespeople, get estimates and recommendations, or, if this sounds a lot of hard work and hassle, use our own fully accredited and insured installers. With a 2 year installation guarantee, project coordinator and interest-free finance to help spread the cost, why not enquire today?

Enquire about Design and Installation

Author, Adam Chard

Posted by Adam Chard in Room Planning | 2 weeks ago

A born & raised West Countryman, now living on the Yorkshire Coast, for over 8 years Adam has been bringing home interior ideas to life at Victoria Plum. Adam’s favourite interior styles have been shaped by both urban and natural influences.

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