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Is 32 inches enough room for a toilet? A guide on how to furnish a small bathroom
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Is 32 inches enough room for a toilet? A guide on how to furnish a small bathroom

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Room Planning | 1 month ago 7 min read

A small bathroom space doesn't have to be a hindrance. Discover just how you can fit your furnishings around the available floor area...


Whilst having a fully furnished large and spacious master bathroom is ideal certainly ideal, some of us just simply do not have that luxury of floor space. Despite this, having a small toilet room doesn’t have to be a hindrance if you work with the space you have. With careful design and planning, you can turn your small toilet room dimensions into a functional and practical bathroom that is both stylish and pleasant to use.

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How much space does a small bathroom occupy?

There is no simple and straightforward answer to this question as everyone's home structural layout and personal preferences are different for a standard toilet room. Before you clear space and decide on your standard toilet room dimensions, you should first consider what kind of bathroom would you like? Would you prefer a full bath that has a sink, toilet seat, shower, and tub? Or would a three-quarter bath that comprises a sink, toilet, a shower work for you? Does having a lot of space in front of the toilet and side wall matter? Do you want a bathroom with just a toilet?

Is 32 inches enough room for a toilet?

Absolutely. In fact, the minimum size for a three-quarter bath should be approximately 32 inches. This means that the dimensions should be around 150 cm in length by 150 cm in width. You can comfortably fit a basin, toilet, and shower cubicle within this space. By installing space-saving bath accessories and implementing other tips, you can make the small bathroom feel more spacious.

What basin size is suitable for a small bathroom?

Basins are the absolute essential when it comes to a bathroom. If you’re not installing a basin, then can your bathroom be considered a bathroom? There are plenty of designs and models of basins available in the market today. For a small space bathroom, you’ll want to consider getting a slimline fit that is roughly 60 cm in length and 45 cm in depth. If you want to attach a countertop to the sink, the minimum space required will be about 70 cm in length. 

The height of the basin can be adjusted or custom-made if you’re taller than average. Many in the market will offer one that is about 85 cm from the ground level. 

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What about the mirror?

Typically, a mirror will be installed above the basin for practical reasons. Having a mirror also helps to make the bathroom feel more spacious as it reflects light. 

Just like the sink, bathroom mirrors offer an array of choices. From rectangular ones to circular ones, you can get creative and choose one that you like. Another space-saving tip is to perhaps get a mirror that is attached to a storage cabinet. That way, you can keep the loose toiletries such as extra toilet rolls and check yourself out in the mirror. 

For the measurements, you’ll want to install the mirror that is approximately 85 cm to 90 cm from the ground. In other words, the distance from the mirror to the countertop should roughly be 35 cm long. 

What is a suitable toilet size?

The bathroom's most important sanitary fixture, the toilet, is typically placed in between the sink and the shower to optimise the space. Hence, the space between the toilet and other sanitary fixture should also be accounted for. 

The measurement of the toilet itself should be around 120 cm in length and 70 cm in width for a smaller model. Make sure to leave a minimum of 15 cm to 20 cm of space between the toilet and the adjacent element. Otherwise, the bathroom will feel more cramped than it should be.

A popular space-saving hack that many people adopt these days is to get a smart toilet or sanitary spray hand showers that combines both the toilet and bidet. If that is out of your budget, the conventional toilet bowl works just as well.

What is a suitable shower and bathtub size?

For shower stalls, a 70cm by 70cm area is suitable for a small bathroom. You can comfortably fit one person inside at any given moment. Do leave a 60 cm space for the entrance. You can opt for a sliding door to save space or go door-free to create a walk-in shower. Walk-in showers can be built in small bathrooms but you’ll have to configure them in such a way that the water will not splash everywhere. 

If you have a larger toilet room, you can consider installing a bathtub. The standard measurements of a bathtub are 200 cm in length, 70 cm in width, and 42 cm in height. There are of course smaller tubs available if you want. A pro tip is to choose see-through glass panels for your shower stall as it helps to make the bathroom feel more open and spacious. 

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Other things to note

Before you start any renovations, there are a few important things to settle and consider. 

Council permission

Typically, if you live in an apartment building, you have to first get approval from the local building department or building council before you can start any renovation works. 

This is because there are important pipelines and systems in certain walls or ceilings that cannot be messed with. Submit a detailed draft of your plan to check whether the location you want to build a bathroom is permissible. 

Note where the existing water pipes are

After obtaining approval, you’ll want to build your bathroom in a strategic spot, preferably one that is near existing pipeworks. This will make it easier to supply water and electricity to your new bathroom. Not to mention, it will also be neater and less costly. Otherwise, it’ll cause you and your contractor a headache to connect the pipes from one end to the other.


Designing a bathroom isn’t as daunting as it seems. Hopefully, you’ve gained some inspiration to work on that ideal bathroom of yours. Nevertheless, you are strongly advised to consult other professionals for their expertise as they will be able to provide you with the most cost-efficient and space-saving way to go about it.

More small bathroom ideas

If you are looking for more inspiration to create that tranquil bathroom space, you’ll find plenty of superb design ideas for small bathrooms (and even large ones) at Simply click on the image below to begin.

Small bathroom ideas

Author, Rebecca Doody

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Room Planning | 1 month ago

Originally from Somerset, Rebecca is our resident copywriter who takes care of all things product related. Rebecca loves the modern interior style with both neutral and bold influences to create a statement look.

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