Your master bathroom is the main bathroom everyone shares. Regardless of whether you have ensuites or second bathrooms, this area requires plenty of attention when decorating, so what features should you include?


Obviously a master bathroom needs furniture but did you know there are many ways you can inject some interest into these functional pieces? A defining point of bathtubs can be their shape. Ranging from freestanding baths sat upon legs to curved lip fixed units and flat-sided block baths; there are plenty of variations to choose from.

Legs on a bath can be a great way to add a sense of luxury. They provide a regency look but if that isn’t your thing then why not opt for a modern alternative such as wood block legs? This can follow an Asian theme to give your bathroom a luxurious, oriental feel.


Everyone knows that it is the accessories which make a room and in the bathroom that means one thing: taps! A Coniston Bath Shower Mixer would be the perfect complement to a classic double slipper bath while a Quantum Waterfall Bath Filler Spout would be a luxury accompaniment to any contemporary freestanding bath.

Bathroom units

Bathroom units don’t just have to be reserved for bathrooms of a larger size; there are plenty of units to accompany smaller bathrooms. These can be combined with your bathroom furniture and make for a much more efficient use of space.

Whether wall or floor mounted, there are many storage unit solutions. They can come in the form of open and closed units, catering for the items you may prefer to show off or hide. Not only this, but they offer an additional design choice alongside the rest of your bathroom furniture.


Every bathroom needs colour, even if only in small amounts. Colour affects the mood that is felt within the bathroom and can also provide extra interest. Best used creatively, colour inspires and leaves you feeling less overwhelmed by bland grey cityscapes but should be used sparingly if opting for a crisp, clean white bathroom.

An all-white bathroom creates a bright environment that exudes cleanliness but a few coloured accessories or even coloured towels can inject a little warmth to avoid it feeling cold and clinical.