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SmarTap: The bathroom of the future is here

SmarTap: The bathroom of the future is here

Posted by Adam Chard in Inspiration | 3 years ago 4 min read

Technology is all around us these days. Whether it’s checking in with your nearest and dearest on Skype or performing a reverse park into the narrowest of spaces using sensors, the latest advancements are there to make our lives easier.

One area of your life you might not think about when it comes to new technology is your bathroom. What will the bathroom of the future look like? With the revolutionary new SmarTap system, you don’t have to imagine. The future is already here.

As of February 2021, we no longer supply SmarTap products. Why not browse our digital shower range for similar items?

Introducing SmarTap

Picture the scene: It’s 7am on a cold winter’s morning. Your alarm will be going off in just 10 minutes time to rouse you from your slumber. Whilst you’re still gently dozing, your smart home system is already kicking into action, loading up the latest weather, your emails and social media notifications.

At 7:10am your alarm goes off and you allow yourself another few minutes snooze time. Meanwhile, in your bathroom, the shower has switched itself on to your preferred temperature setting, and is gently warming up, without you even needing to think about it.

Smart bathroom

You finally emerge from beneath your warm duvet, before heading into an equally warm and inviting bathroom. The LED lighting on your shower controller indicates that the perfect temperature has been reached. You step beneath the torrent and enjoy an invigorating and wonderfully warm shower.

Your shower stops automatically after 7 minutes, ensuring you won’t be late for your commute, as you step into a big, fluffy towel, warmed to perfection on your heated towel rail.

SmarTap lets you do all this and much, much more. Want to find out more about this exciting new product? Read on…

How will SmarTap help me?

1. SmarTap puts you in control

Smart, connected operation

Program your favourite shower sequence from an iOS or Android app.

Amazon Alexa integration

Seamless integration with Amazon Alexa, allows you to control SmartApp with your voice: E.g. “Alexa. Ask SmarTap to start my morning shower.”

Intuitive on-wall controls

Turn SmarTap on and off, regulate temperature and flow, and switch between outlets.

Fully automated

Fully customise your bathroom. Auto-fill a bath that’s ready the moment you step through the door or play music as you enter your shower.

SmarTap puts you in control

2. SmarTap lets you personalise your experience

Part of your smart home

SmarTap seamlessly integrates with other smart home products. Dim your lights or turn your Warmup underfloor heating on, and get the mood just right.


Your shower will get better and better over time with secure, automated software updates, thanks to OTA (over-the-air) technology.

Temperature and flow

Control to within 0.1°C and set upper and lower limits. Set a maximum flow rate or shower duration to save water.


Create personalised scenarios and enjoy the perfect experience every time. Set your programme to cycle between different outlets or vary the temperature.

SmarTap lets you personalise your experience

3. SmarTap lets you look out for loved ones

Child safety

Set safe showering or bathing programmes for your little ones. Ask Alexa to “Run Baby’s Bath”, then get on with doing the things that matter.

Independent Living

Remotely log into the SmarTap system of an elderly relative and see recent use. Combine with a motion sensor system to check for falls or inactivity.

Protect your home

SmarTap can automatically protect your outdoor pipes from freezing weather. Receive notifications if your shower has been on too long.

SmarTap lets you look out for loved ones

4. SmarTap can be installed easily

Reassuring build quality

Engineered in Germany by Flühs, a world leader in valve technology, SmarTap contains brass internal parts, as opposed to plastic found in most digital showers, for the highest possible standards. Shower controls are finished in Gorilla glass and IPX6 rated for waterproofing.

Designed with installers in mind

Can be easily installed in your loft, behind a wall, or under the bath. LED lights on the valve show system status and let you know everything is working correctly.

Job done

Sensor technology means installers can check for issues once SmarTap has been installed.

SmarTap can be installed easily

5. SmarTap lets you customise your bathroom

3 outlet system

Unlike most digital showering systems which can only control 2 outlets, SmarTap can power up to 3 independent outlets, giving you more options.

Works with all components

SmarTap can be adapted to work with any outlet from any brand. Want to combine an overhead shower from Mode Bathrooms with a slider rail kit from Grohe? No problem.


Along with your shower, SmarTap can also control a separate bath or basin tap, giving you smart, connected control right around your bathroom.

SmarTap lets you customise your bathroom

6. SmarTap provides peace of mind

Continuous improvement

System software and apps update over the air, giving you the best possible experience every time you step into your bathroom.

System monitoring

SmarTap constantly checks that everything is working correctly. If it detects a problem, it can notify you or even a Customer Services team, who can send a part or arrange an engineer visit…before you’ve even noticed the issue!

Reassuring 5 year guarantee

The valve and controls are covered for 5 years (parts only). All valve parts can be replaced individually, so no need to throw the whole valve away, like with other digital showers.

SmarTap provides peace of mind

Introducing SmarTap

At Victoria Plum, we’re proud to have been the first UK supplier to offer these new and exciting SmarTap products. Click on the banner or any of the products below to begin shopping and make your dream bathroom of the future become a reality today.

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Author, Adam Chard

Posted by Adam Chard in Inspiration | 3 years ago

A born & raised West Countryman, now living on the Yorkshire Coast, for over 8 years Adam has been bringing home interior ideas to life at Victoria Plum. Adam’s favourite interior styles have been shaped by both urban and natural influences.

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