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Industrial is an interior design style that has gained popularity right around the globe in recent times. However, this year, change is afoot.

Whilst the mainstays of the industrial style have included such elements as exposed brickwork, weathered surfaces, repurposed furniture and carefully chosen accessories, many homeowners or interior designers have found the overall look to be a little too industrial for what is, after all, a home! The result is a variation on the style, which we're calling "soft industrial".

What is soft industrial style?

The industrial look took off in a big way thanks to former industrial buildings being converted to more domestic settings. This prompted many homeowners to make a feature of some of the original features of their homes, including bare brick walls, lighting and heating, to produce an industrial look.

The soft industrial style is all about taking the edge off the harsh industrial look, and what better way to do this than by adding more rounded shapes into the mix and introducing softer, more tactile materials, to make the whole look and feel cosier and more comfortable.

Whilst materials like wood, copper piping and concrete remain firm favourites, they are now supplemented by limestone and a brighter colour palette.

How does the soft industrial style work in my bathroom?

To set those inspirational cogs whirring, we've come up with the following bathroom and products that perfectly illustrate how you can achieve the soft industrial look:

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Mode Venturi freestanding bath 1800 x 870

Mode Erith wall mounted bath mixer tap

Mode luxury 8mm walk in shower enclosure pack with shower tray

Mode Ive semi recessed basin 550mm with waste

Soft industrial mood board

One of the best ways to visualise how different elements will interact within your bathroom is to create a mood board. To help get you started, our Stylist Emily has designed one of her own:

Soft industrial bathroom mood board

Do you have any tips on achieving the soft industrial look?

Tip 1

Walls, floors and surfaces are the key to unlocking this style. Take a look at our short video on how to create a concrete effect painted wall:

Tip 2

If exposing your brickwork and stripping off plaster is out of your budget, there is a much more cost effective alternative. Simply use brick effect wallpaper. It's a fraction of the cost, really easy to put up and will still achieve the desired effect. What's more, as it is washable, it's perfect for your bathroom.

Tip 3

For all those little accessories, why not spend a Sunday strolling round some antique shops or bric-a-brac stores? You may just stumble upon some little gems. Or failing that, why not introduce a metallic element with copper bathroom accessories?

Tip 4

Soften the overall appearance of your bathroom by choosing a toilet, bath and basin suite with curves instead of harsh corners.

Tip 5

Cushions or an upholstered chair will help to introduce a more tactile texture to your bathroom.

Tip 6

Use reclaimed materials such as wood or stone to create elements in your bathroom, such as a countertop for your basin.

Your soft industrial style

We love seeing what you do with your own bathrooms, so here are just a few pics we've been sent by our customers. We think they really hit the mark when it comes to a soft industrial style!

Your soft industrial style

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