In an exciting business expansion for all of us at, we've added the exclusive mfi bedroom collection to our current product offering, with the official launch taking place on 22nd March 2016.

mfi, originally formed in 1964, quickly went on to become a household name in the furniture retail industry, with over 200 stores nationwide at the height of its popularity. However, with increased competition from the likes of IKEA, mfi’s fortunes declined and the company went bankrupt in 2008, with all UK stores closing.

In 2011, we bought the rights to the mfi brand name and, since that time, have gone on to launch a new website, opened a new state of the art, 227,000 sq foot distribution centre and in-sourced our VIP 2 person delivery fleet. We're now in a position to expand into other areas of the home and the introduction of the mfi collection is just the start of this journey.

Our new TV ad launched on 22nd March 2016

Insight from our own research highlights that the mfi brand has a very high recall, positively associated with value-for-money furniture. Showcasing our bedroom collection with the mfi brand will enable our customers to recognise the price competitiveness of the range whilst communicating the same designer appeal and high level of quality they have experienced at

Jon Crook, head of trading at explains:

The team at have used extensive customer research and market insights to carefully select our mfi range. We are really proud of our bedroom furniture and think it is the perfect collection to launch mfi back into the market and help to further grow as a leading online home retailer.

London walnut and black gloss furniture range The London walnut and black gloss furniture range is part of our exclusive mfi bedroom collection

Since 1999, we've been providing great design at great prices, to become one of the UK’s leading online home retailers.

We've stuck to our principles of operating without expensive showrooms or salespeople, offering quality designer products at internet prices and passing on the savings to you. We're now looking forward to transferring this expertise and knowledge into other areas of the home.

Why not see for yourself. Check out our exclusive mfi bedroom collection today.