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About Us

JavaScript Developer

class JobSeeker {
    constructor(skillSet = [], attitude = []) {
        this.skillSet = skillSet;
        this.attitude = attitude;

    hasSkill(skill) {
        return this.skillSet.indexOf(skill) !== -1;

    hasRightAttitude(attitude) {
        return this.attitude.indexOf(attitude) !== -1;

class VictoriaPlum {
    constructor() {
        this.atmosphere = ['Sociable', 'Informal', 'Collaborative'];
        this.searchingFor = {
            essentialSkills: [
                'Modular JavaScript',
                'Clean Code',
                'Problem Solving'
            desirableSkills: [
            attitude: ['Positive', 'Enthusiastic', 'Willing to learn']

class JobOpportunity {
    constructor(jobSeeker, company) {
        this.jobSeeker = jobSeeker;
        this.company = company;

    applyToday() {
        let desirability = 0;

        for (let skill of this.company.searchingFor.essentialSkills) {
            if (! this.jobSeeker.hasSkill(skill)) {
                return `We would really like someone who knows ${skill}.
                If you brush up on that skill please apply again.`;

        for (let skill of this.company.searchingFor.desirableSkills) {
            if (this.jobSeeker.hasSkill(skill)) {

        for (let attitude of this.company.searchingFor.attitude) {
            if (this.jobSeeker.hasRightAttitude(attitude)) {

        let desirables = this.company.searchingFor.desirableSkills.length
        	+ this.company.searchingFor.attitude.length;

        if (desirability === desirables) {
            return `Just what we are looking for - come and see us right away!`;

        return `Please apply today!`;

let jobOpportunity = new JobOpportunity(
    new JobSeeker(
        [/* insert your skill set here */],
        [/* insert your attitude here */]
    new VictoriaPlum()


Essential skills

Desirable skills

If this sounds like the type of challenge you're looking for, you can apply by sending your CV and covering letter to careers@victoriaplum.com.

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