Planning your dream bathroom can often feel like a nightmare when a small bathroom seemingly puts paid to your grand schemes.

With barely any space to spare, small bathrooms require big thinking. That's where our bathroom manufacturers and product designers come into play.

4 bathroom suites for small bathrooms

Compact bathroom suite

Designed specifically for smaller bathrooms, the Compact bathroom suite range comes in a choice of square or round designs, perfect for cloakrooms, ensuites or simply small bathrooms. With a short projection pan and slimline toilet seat, the close coupled toilet is nice and compact, whilst space-saving corner toilets and basins are also available.

Compact round corner suite

Free up space in your bathroom by using your corners to great effect

Vermont bathroom suite

When it comes to bathroom suites for small bathrooms, the Vermont is right up there with the very latest in trendy, contemporary designs. Featuring angular shapes and clean lines, it comes complete with a short projection toilet (which you wouldn't believe was short projection, unless you looked carefully!).

Vermont bathroom suite

When it comes to designer bathroom suites for small bathrooms, the Vermont certainly punches above its weight, with toilet dimensions to fit even the tiniest space

Deco bathroom suite

One of the most versatile bathroom suites for small bathrooms, the Deco suite can be coupled with a whole range of styles, from farmhouse, to vintage, to clean and modern. Plus, at just 490mm wide, the basin is neat, compact and won't take up vital space.

Deco bathroom suite range

By adding a shower bath, you get the best of both worlds

Mode Verso bathroom suite

Proof, if further proof were needed, that small doesn't have to mean compromising on style. With contemporary bathroom suites like the Verso, you have the option of a wall hung toilet, which could be complemented with a small, half height stud partition, plus a range of wall hung basin options, all with a contemporary, angular design.

Mode Verso bathroom suite

Barely got the room to fit a bath? Don't worry. You can still create a stylish bathroom that looks the part

Check out our stunning range of designer bathroom suites for small bathrooms for more great ideas.