Independent Living: Styling tips for your bathroom

If you've just finished choosing your new Independent Living bathroom, you'll be happy to hear the really fun part starts now!

In this blog post, we've come up with some practical advice for accessorising your Independent Living bathroom, with styling tips for elderly relatives, wheelchair users and partially sighted people. Once you've added those perfect finishing touches, your new bathroom will truly reflect your own personality and individuality.

13 bathroom design tips for an elderly relative

Accessorising for an elderly relative's bathroom

Striking a balance between function and design is always difficult with any type of bathroom project, but even more so when designing for an elderly relative who enjoys living independently. Read our 13 great accessorising tips:

  1. Hide medicine away in a mirror cabinet.

  2. Place shelves at an easy to use height.

  3. Privacy films can be applied to windows, meaning no need to open and close blinds when using the bathroom.

  4. Go for squeeze bottles in the shower rather than a bar of soap which can easily be dropped.

  5. A stool or chair is the perfect place to rest during your bathroom routine.

  6. Calming, neutral colours promote relaxation.

  7. Non-slip [floor tiles] and mats help keep you steady on your feet.

  8. Fit easy-to-access towel rails for when you get out of the bath or shower.

  9. Install grab rails where extra assistance is needed.

  10. Folding support rails are perfect next to your toilet.

  11. Reduce clutter on your floor, as it is a potential trip hazard.

  12. Easy-to-use taps with handle levers make life easier if you have arthritis of joint conditions.

  13. Add faux plants for a touch of greenery in your bathroom without the need for constant care.

Elderly bathroom mood board

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6 simple styling tips for a wheelchair-friendly bathroom

Accessorising a wheelchair user's bathroom

With around 1.2million wheelchair users in the UK, many of us are searching for bathroom design solutions that seamlessly combine both accessibility and style. Here are 7 great tips when accessorising your wheelchair-friendly bathroom:

  1. Keep the floor clear and easily accessible. Bath mats can be a trip hazard for wheelchair users.

  2. Wall hung basins are perfect as you can place them at a convenient height for you. Our Orion countertops are brilliant for this and come in a range of beautiful finishes.

  3. In-shower seats are a requirement in a wheelchair-friendly bathroom. With foldaway designs, the bathroom can be functional for all.

  4. Smart toilets are the perfect option for a wheelchair friendly bathroom. Some are wall mounted so you can place them at the perfect height for you.

  5. Space is essential for a wheelchair-friendly bathroom. Keep objects off the floor and store your products in easy-to-reach baskets and boxes. Shelving should be mounted at an accessible height.

  6. Easy access controls are necessary. Place them at convenient heights for all using the bathroom. Alexa is compatible with our SmarTap showering system, making your bathroom experience completely hands-free.

Wheelchair user bathroom mood board

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7 bathroom design ideas for a partially sighted person

Accessorising a partially sighted person's bathroom

According to the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People), around 1 in every 30 people live with some sort of sight loss in the UK today. With numbers expected to rise, it’s hardly surprising that many of us are searching for bathroom designs which aid visual impairments. Here are 7 great tips to help you accessorise:

  1. Use contrasting, bright or patterned towels so they stand out and are easier to see.

  2. Add an LED mirror to enhance your bathroom lighting.

  3. Consider the SmarTap smart showering system, to assist in setting the perfect temperature. It’ll also light up when in use.

  4. Shower caddies are perfect for storing products in a convenient place.

  5. Use a tap and shower in a contrasting colour, so they stand out against white backgrounds. Our [Spencer] black taps and showers are ideal.

  6. Integrating a pattern or colour into your shower enclosure panels will make them easier to see.

  7. Use tiles to divide your space into 3 main areas: toilet, shower and basin. You could even create a contrasting walkway on your floor using different tiles.

Partially sighted person bathroom mood board

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