Whilst plumbing and installation is best left to a qualified professional, if you’re competent at DIY, you can still save time and money by fitting your new basin taps.

Broadly, basin taps fall into two categories:

If you’re not sure which tap you have, check out our taps video.

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What are basin pillar taps?

A pillar tap is a single tap that supplies either hot or cold water. Nearly all pillar taps come as a pair and can be used with basins which have 2 tap holes.

Alexa basin taps

Basin pillar taps are smaller than bath pillar taps as they aren’t required to deliver a very large volume of water quickly.

Before you do anything

Always unpack your taps immediately after delivery. Check for any damage or faults as it’s better to find them now, rather than during installation.

Always turn off your water at the mains before attempting any DIY in the bathroom.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Standard spanner set
  • Tap spanner

Check you have the following:

Usually supplied with tap:

  • 2 x rubber washers
  • 2 x nuts

Time to complete:

30 minutes

Fitting your basin pillar taps

At VictoriaPlum.com, you’ll find our basin pillar taps are manufactured to the highest standards, with chrome plated brass for both durability and a beautiful finish. All our taps come with ceramic disc technology which helps eliminate drips.

Step 1

Start with the hot tap which should always be on the left side of the basin as you look at it from the front.

Unscrew the nut from the bottom of the tap and lower the tap into the tap hole in your basin. Make sure the tap is at 90 degrees to the rim of the basin.

Step 2

From below the tap hole, screw the nut back on by hand.

Step 3

Once you’re satisfied that the tap is in the correct position, tighten the nut using your tap spanner, taking care not to damage the basin.

Step 4

Repeat the process for your cold tap.

Step 5

Depending on how your plumbing is set up, you may need to fit flexible tap tails and connectors to attach to your water pipes. It’s best to leave this to a qualified professional.

Step 6

Make sure there aren’t any leaks by turning the water back on at the mains and turning the taps on. If any leakage occurs, check the connectors and tighten as required.

Congratulations! You’ve now fitted your basin pillar taps.

Whilst DIY can be a good way to save time and money, you should always hire a qualified professional to plumb and install your products. The instructions above are simply a guide to fitting your new basin mixer tap and shouldn’t be used to attempt full plumbing and installation.