Easy Switches: Replacing your bath with a shower

Replacing your bath with an accessible and stylish shower enclosure is easier than you think. Especially if you follow our expert advice below.

In the first of our Easy Switches blog posts, we'll discover just how easily you can swap a straight bath for a stylish walk in shower enclosure.

Why replace your bath with a shower?

Whilst many of us still love our bath (and who’s to argue when there are so many gorgeous freestanding baths available?), a growing number of us are ditching the bath entirely and opting for a shower instead. Due in no small part to the busy lives we lead, many people find a quick shower is both efficient and invigorating, whilst saving on water.

Many of us believe that a bath is an essential "must-have" when eventually selling your property, however, after speaking with many estate agents, it won't have any real effect on your sale price. You could just as easily re-install a bath if you ever planned to move.

Swapping your old bath for a sparkling new shower enclosure is actually a relatively straightforward task which can be completed over the course of a weekend.

Here's how to replace your bath with a shower

1. Measure your bath and check plumbing

Many rectangular shower enclosures are designed to fit the footprint of a standard straight bath. Simply measure yours to find the right dimensions. In most cases, all the pipework will be at one end of the bath, which will help when re-plumbing for your shower tray and shower. If you're unsure about anything to do with plumbing, you can always ask a tradeseperson at MyBuilder.com.

Measure your bath and check plumbing

2. Get inspiration and advice from us

Check out our bathroom ideas for fresh inspiration, browse our expert bathroom advice and discover the very latest in shower enclosure designs. You’ll also find plenty of deals and discounts which can help reduce the total cost of this project.

Mode Hardy premium 8mm easy clean shower enclosure

3. Choose your shower enclosure

Choose your favourite rectangular shower enclosure, not forgetting those all-important footprint measurements. All our shower enclosures are easy to install, with generous adjustments for out of true walls. Many come complete with a matching tray for the perfect fit.

Mode Rand premium 8mm easy clean shower enclosure 1000 x 700

4. Choose your shower

When it comes to choosing your shower, there really is an option to suit everyone. From simple slider rail mixer showers to full smart showering systems like SmarTap, you’ll discover the perfect shower that matches your requirements. Browse our full range of showers now.

Orchard Wye thermostatic shower system

5. Choose your wall covering

The internal walls within your shower enclosure will require added protection from splashes. Whilst tiles are a popular choice, a growing number of bathroom buyers are turning to shower wall panels instead. Quicker and easier to install than tiles, shower wall panels offer a seamless appearance in a range of beautiful colours and designs. They can even be fitted directly over the top of existing wall coverings and can prove to be more cost-effective than tiles.

Multipanel Linda Barker Concrete Elements

At VictoriaPlum.com, we have a superb selection of shower wall panels from leading brands, including:

6. Add those finishing touches

For maximum impact, with the minimum amount of effort, choose some good quality bathroom accessories to complement your shower. A wall hung storage area for shampoos and toiletries will help reduce clutter.

Bathroom accessories

7. Hassle-free delivery

Complete your purchase and your items will be delivered quickly and carefully, direct to your home by our specialist 2 person delivery team. Order before 5pm for next day delivery (subject to availability).

Find out more about our fast delivery.

8. Installation

Your plumber (which you can find through MyBuilder.com) will complete your installation, for a stunning bath to shower transformation.

before and after

Choosing your shower, enclosure and wall panels

Now you've discovered just how easy it can be to replace your bath with a shower, why not browse our bathroom range and choose the right products for the job.

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