From traditional crosshead taps to contemporary waterfall mixers, there is plenty to consider when it comes to choosing taps for your bathroom.

We have a wide range of styles, sizes, and designs to suit all purposes, whether you’re buying taps for your bath, basin, or kitchen. This guide is designed to help you find your ideal product, and give you an overview of what you need to think about when choosing your taps. You'll need to consider the following things.

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1. Style

Different styles of basin or bath are designed to accommodate different types of tap. A traditional basin may have holes for two separate taps, whereas a contemporary style will more likely have a single hole for a mixer tap.

Basins and baths without space for mounted taps, such as contemporary roll top baths or countertop sinks, require freestanding taps that rise out of the floor or worktop. There are also wall mounted taps for an even more modern and sleek look.

Take note of the tap holes on any basin or bath you choose, as this will determine what style of tap you need.

Alexa wall mounted bath taps

2. Material

When selecting your taps, you should consider the type of material they are made from. The majority of taps at are made of brass with a polished chrome finish, making them highly durable as well as providing a quality appearance.

3. Water pressure

Water pressure varies between UK households, and determines the flow of water from the tap. Gravity-fed water systems are the most common, and are an example of low pressure systems. Other systems, that are less common, include combination boilers and unvented hot water systems.

With you don’t need to worry about needing different types of fittings, as all our taps can be used with any type of water system, including low pressure (0.5 – 1 bar).

4. Ceramic disc technology

This technology replaces the traditional rubber washer and feed pipe of conventional tap designs with two ceramic discs with corresponding slots. Water will only flow through the tap when these slots align, giving you much greater control over the water flow, and improving its efficiency.

As well as their water conservation benefits, ceramic discs are also more resilient to wear and tear, and are designed to never need replacing. At, all our basin mixer taps feature ceramic disc technology.

Bathroom tap ranges:

Traditional basin and bath taps

Combining crosshead handles with rounded spouts and conventional lines, our traditional basin and bath taps are available in numerous configurations. We have both separate bath and basin taps, as well as mixers with a more traditional look. We also have bath shower mixers for a really sophisticated and classic style.

Our [Coniston range of bath and basin taps] epitomises traditional style, but with a wide choice of configurations for modern convenience and comfort.

Coniston basin pillar taps

Contemporary basin and bath taps

Tailored for modern bathrooms, our range of contemporary basin and bath taps offers a wide range of designs from waterfall fillers, to open spout taps and square lines.

Waterfall taps offer a luxurious option for basins or baths, such as our Escala range, which also includes bath shower mixers.

Escala waterfall basin mixer tap

Freestanding taps

For bathtubs whose design doesn’t allow tap holes, we have freestanding taps and standpipes for both traditional and contemporary styles.

Our traditional standpipes can be used with any traditional bath shower mixers, bath fillers, or bath taps, and perfectly complement our range of classic roll top baths.

We also have contemporary freestanding mixer taps, such as the Matrix freestanding bath filler.

Matrix freestanding bath filler

Our recommendations:

  • Countertop basins with no tap hole require a high rise mixer tap, creating a sleek, minimalist look
  • Choose from our traditional or contemporary ranges to ensure your taps suit the rest of your suite
  • We always recommend employing a professional to fit your taps and any other plumbing

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