Whilst fitted furniture is most commonly associated with kitchens, fitted bathrooms are becoming more and more popular.

But what is a fitted bathroom? What are the benefits of this type of design? What elements does it contain? What look can you achieve? Read on, as we explain everything in our handy fitted bathrooms buying guide.

What is a fitted bathroom?

The basic bathroom layout includes, at the bare minimum, a toilet, basin and a bath, shower or shower bath. Usually you will find all of these elements sited separate to one another, but perhaps purchased as a matching bathroom suite, for a coordinated look.

However, with lack of space being one of the most commonly cited reasons for a lack of dissatisfaction within the home, there is an increasing pressure to create additional storage space where and whenever possible.

This need for additional storage may lead to the buying of bathroom furniture, but with no coordinated plan, furniture bought as an afterthought can simply look tacked on and a little out of place. Before you know it, your furniture could actually be causing the clutter itself!

Florence corner storage unit pack with black top large

With our range of fitted bathrooms, such as the Florence, cluttered spaces are a thing of the past

Benefits of fitted bathrooms

If you've ever stayed at a swanky hotel, you may already be aware of what a fitted bathroom looks like. Much like a fitted kitchen in most respects, fitted bathroom furniture can be built into your bathroom design along one wall, to give a clean and uniform look to your home, but can also use 2 walls if space allows.

Fitted bathrooms bring the following benefits:

  • They help to conceal unsightly pipework for a neat and tidy finish.
  • They make optimum use of your space, combining storage cupboards and drawers with a countertop, vanity unit, basin and back to wall toilet.
  • Corners, which are often dead spaces when it comes to bathroom furniture, can suddenly become useful storage areas.
  • With everything fitted into the one space, it frees up the rest of your room for other elements, including a shower, bath and heating.
  • You can choose any combination of units to fit your exact layout and still achieve a clean and contemporary look.

Elements of fitted bathrooms

Storage units

Storage is the key element within fitted bathrooms and you'll most commonly require at least 1 cupboard, for cleaning products and toiletries. You can even incorporate a set of drawers, for those smaller items such as makeup, tweezers etc. If you like, you can expand your storage space further through use of a tall cabinet, giving ample room for spare towels, linen or even clothing, easing the pressure on other areas of your home.

Mirror cabinet

A mirror cabinet might not necessarily be something that immediately springs to mind when thinking of fitted bathrooms, but it certainly pays to invest in one that matches your fitted bathroom furniture. A large mirror not only gives you somewhere to apply makeup or shave, it also provides a vital function, enhancing the feeling of light and space.

Florence corner ensuite storage unit pack with white top

If you prefer a clean, contemporary looking layout, our Florence ensuite storage pack comes with a white MDF worktop

Back to wall toilet unit

With the cistern neatly concealed behind a panel, your back to wall toilet fits seamlessly into the design. Your countertop can then continue uninterrupted across the top of this unit for a pleasing layout. Of course, you can then pick a back to wall toilet that suits your tastes.

Vanity unit and basin

Combine a semi recessed basin with a storage unit to create a beautiful vanity unit that will fit neatly with the rest of your design. Plus, with an undersink storage space, you'll have even greater options when it comes to de-cluttering.

All our semi recessed basins are made from high quality glazed ceramic that simply wipes clean. They come complete with a single tap hole and integral overflow, so you can personalise with your choice of mixer tap and waste.


The pièce de résistance is the worktop area. Available in a range of colours, all our worktops are made from highly durable MDF and, for added peace of mind, come with FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) gold product certification. This is a third party validation scheme for the furniture industry, meaning our worktops meets all the latest and necessary standards.


The plinth is height adjustable and adds the finishing touch to your fitted bathroom. It covers the adjustable feet and space below your furniture whilst still allowing you access for cleaning and maintenance.

Examples of fitted bathroom layouts

Ensuite fitted bathroom

Florence straight ensuite drawer unit pack with black top

This single wall layout is ideal for small bathrooms or ensuites and contains everything you need for a clean and tidy finish, including storage cupbooards, back to wall toilet, tall cabinet, basin and vanity unit. A matching mirror cabinet helps to enhance the feeling of light and space.

Family fitted bathroom

Florence corner drawer unit pack with beige top medium

If your toilet and basin plumbing are at right angles to each other, you can still create a fabulous fitted bathroom by using an L shaped layout. This design is perfect for family bathrooms where a shower bath is required.

If a fitted bathroom sounds just the type of thing you're after, why not browse our range of stunning fitted bathroom furniture today?