Turning your bathroom into a wet room, or installing one in a separate space from scratch, can be relatively straightforward as long as you plan everything in advance.

There are some basics rules that you must follow but the end result can reflect your own personality and style choices, as well as being one of the most inventive ways to update your home.

Whether you’re looking for practical convenience or the ultimate in contemporary interior design, a wet room might just be the answer. Here at VictoriaPlum.com you will find everything you need and this fantastic planning guide will get you started.

Find out how to install a wet room with our video below:

Why a wet room?

Having a completely watertight room with a genuine walk in shower is not only a wonderful style choice but has practical implications too. With no conventional shower tray or enclosure, getting in and out of your shower is easy.

[Premium 10mm wet room glass panel] A 10mm glass panel will add luxury that you can both see and feel

A wet room can also be as small or as large as space allows, and of course the shower itself can be fitted out in whichever style you like. An Aria square head riser system is a perfect choice for a luxurious experience. You may also want to choose glass panels to contain your shower. Depending on the size and shape of your room you can go for a single, frameless panel or opt for a more enclosed design. The choice is yours.

To bring extra style to your wet room, choose a contemporary basin mixer tap which will provide an ultra-modern finishing touch when paired with a modern minimalist basin.

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Adding value

Adding a second shower room or ensuite has long been a sure fire way to increase the value of any property and wet rooms have a particular high-value status, as they bring luxury spas and top class hotels to mind. It can be one of the most expensive rooms to achieve, but the results should be well worth the investment.

Usually the conversion process won’t entail gaining any council permission, but in some cases where certain structural alterations or changes to drainage systems are needed, building regulations might need to be looked at.

If in any doubt, always contact your local council before having your work done.

Wet room glass panel with return panel

Portion off your room using a glass panel and return panel

Essential materials

Choosing the right materials for walls and flooring is essential to make a fully watertight, sealed environment, so always pick something suitable. You will require both wall and floor matting to achieve this.

Luckily, at VictoriaPlum.com, we have a comprehensive range of wet room essentials, including waterproof boards, shower trays and installation kits, along with pipe collars, joint tape and additional protection for corners.

Why not take a look at our wet room kits for yourself?

On top of your waterproof boards and tray, tiles are the most obvious option for your floor and walls, but don’t for one minute think this will limit your style choices. There is a huge selection to choose from.

The variety of patterns, colours, textures and designs is vast, with different ranges of mosaics and large format tiles offering all the choice you need to make your own vision a reality. Remember to consider the size of your bathroom to avoid getting anything too large, or choosing a colour which dominates rather than complements the space.

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