When decorating a bathroom, it’s all too easy to spend your time thinking about the appliances, units, floor and wall coverings that you use – but what about practical considerations such as heating?

Bathrooms are luxurious, relaxing spaces and this means the temperature needs to be warm and comforting rather than cold and oppressive.

Here at VictoriaPlum.com, we have a great range of heating accessories to help you make your bathroom cosy, and this guide to heating your bathroom should help you cover every aspect.


The most obvious part of your bathroom heating is your choice of radiators. Placement, quantity and style are all important things to consider.

Lava double Radiator

Whilst this room setting may not be quite the same as your typical suburban semi, using a vertical radiator, like this Lava model, is a great way to save space

In many homes, radiators will already be in set positions in the bathroom and it may not be worth your while changing this. Evaluate how the room performs on the heat front to decide what you need. If they’re fine as they are then consider changing the style or adding a radiator cover to inject a little class.

Modern designs for radiators feature a heavy use of chrome – the perfect accompaniment to taps and other fixtures around the bathroom. Interestingly shaped radiators are best used on large, clear walls where they’ll act as a feature. Avoid crowding them with other fixtures as this will help them radiate heat throughout the room so that they perform at their best.

Remember that radiators can sit vertically as well as horizontally, and they don’t have to be placed at floor level either.

Terma Ribbon copper vertical radiator 1720 x 290

Make your heating the focal point of your room, like with this Ribbon copper vertical radiator from Terma

Underfloor heating

One of the biggest gripes we have when climbing out of the bath or shower is placing our feet on a cold, hard floor. Rugs and bath mats can go some way to combating this but the best option is underfloor heating.

Tiles and other hard floor coverings can be cold and unforgiving, especially in winter, but by adding heating beneath, you’ll ensure your feet stay warm and toasty whenever you step out of the tub.

Heated towel rails

With a warm room and warm floors, you may think you’ve got everything covered – but what about that cold towel you’re about to wrap yourself in? When you get out of the bath or shower you want something warm and comfortable to help you dry, so this is where a heated towel rail can save the day.

You can use them to speed up the drying process after towels have been used and even warm your clothes on them. Our top picks are the Elizabeth heated towel rail – a traditional style freestanding model – and the more modern, wall mounted Signelle heated towel rail.

Elizabeth heated towel rail

Traditional style meets modern convenience, with the Elizabeth towel heater

Now you've read the advice, why not make up your own mind, by browsing our fabulous heating range.