Wall mounted taps add style and luxury to a bathroom, and can suit contemporary or traditional looks.

They require a bit more work and planning than regular taps, but the rewards are obvious in how fantastic they look. If you’re considering wall mounted taps for your bathroom, this guide will tell what you need to consider and give you an overview of the range available at VictoriaPlum.com.

Types of wall mounted tap

Bath taps

Wall mounted taps can be used with acrylic straight baths, freestanding or roll top baths. Many freestanding or roll top baths don’t have space for tap holes so work especially great with a freestanding tap, or a wall mounted tap.

There are a few different designs to choose from:

Cross handle

The Alexa wall mounted bath mixer tap combines a classic and contemporary look to create a tap that’s equally at home in a sleek, minimalist bathroom or a more traditional bathroom.

Alexa wall mounted bath filler tap

Lever handle

The Secta wall mounted bath mixer tap embodies simple and contemporary style with easy-to-use lever handles to control the temperature and flow.

If you prefer a more compact, minimalist design, the Erith wall mounted bath mixer tap, with its simple lever control, is the perfect solution.


The Erskine wall mounted bath mixer tap is a stunning waterfall spout that projects straight out of the wall, and is controlled with a simple lever design, creating a beautifully minimalist and contemporary look.

Basin taps

Wall mounted basin taps can also add a real style feature, and look fantastic with contemporary counter top basins, as well as more classic style bathroom fittings. You can match your wall mounted basin taps with wall mounted bath taps for a complete and unified look.

Cross handle

The Alexa Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Tap matches the bath tap version, creating a blend of classic style and contemporary functionality.

Alexa wall mounted basin filler tap

Lever handle

The Secta wall mounted basin mixer tap features lever handles, creating a more streamlined look that’s great a minimalist contemporary bathroom.


The Erskine wall mounted basin mixer tap is the ideal accompaniment to contemporary counter top basins, with its s