If your bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom is a little on the small side, it can often be a struggle fitting everything you want into it.

Of course, the 2 essential items that really make a bathroom are always going to be your basin and your toilet, so shaving a few vital inches (or millimetres if you're working to the metric system) off these can be a great way to optimise your space.

Bathroom layout guidelines state that there should be at least a 760mm clearance to the front and sides of your toilet. Ignore this advice and you could be left with a bathroom that resembles one you'd find on an aeroplane!

Handy hint: See our bathroom layout advice for more information.

So, to help you claw back some precious space in your bathroom, we've come up with these 4 clever small toilet ideas:

1. Short projection toilet

Top of our list of small toilet ideas is the short projection toilet. Whilst toilets with a projection (that's the distance from the front of the pan to your wall) of between 595mm and 800mm are comfortable for most adults, generally, a toilet with a pan that has a depth of less than 650mm is considered "short projection" and intrudes less on the space around it.

Short projection toilets are an increasingly common choice when replacing broken or tired old ceramics. This is normally down to the slimline design of the cistern, which can now be as narrow as 150mm, whilst still providing an excellent flush function.

Compact square close coupled toilet with slimline soft close toilet seat

With a projection of just 600mm, the Compact square close coupled toilet is the shortest design we sell

2. Fully shrouded toilet

"What is a fully shrouded toilet?" I hear you ask.

It is a type of close coupled toilet which sits flush (pardon the pun) against your wall. Not only does this give a neat and tidy appearance, but it also makes things easier to clean, with no awkward nooks and crannies where dust and dirt can accumulate, making for a more hygienic space.

Thanks to their design, which encapsulates the waste pipe, fully shrouded toilets tend to have a shorter projection than more traditional close coupled toilets, meaning they're great in small spaces.

Mode Arte close coupled toilet with luxury soft close toilet seat

For more small toilet ideas, check out our range of close coupled toilets, like the Arte, pictured above

3. Back to wall or wall hung toilet

Whilst every toilet requires a cistern, one way of saving on space is to conveniently and discreetly conceal your cistern from view. This can be either tucked away in a back to wall toilet unit or hidden behind a stud partition wall. If you opt for the latter, but have concerns about placing your cistern in a hard-to-reach place, don't worry. Your concealed cistern can be accessed for maintenance by simply removing the flush plate.

Mode Arte wall hung toilet with luxury toilet seat and wall hanging frame

The Arte wall hung toilet will help keep your floorspace clear

4. MySpace combination unit

When it comes to small toilet ideas, surely this is the most innovative? With one of our MySpace furniture combination units, we've cleverly integrated a toilet, basin and storage cupboard in the one furniture unit. It's a great use of space, looks extremely neat and comes in a range of colours and wood effect finishes to suit your bathroom decor.

Myspace white right handed unit with Energy back to wall toilet

With a full projection of just 710mm, this complete unit is supplied fully assembled and can sit neatly and snugly in even the smallest of bathrooms

If these small toilet ideas have given you some great inspiration, why not find out more about our MySpace bathroom furniture range or browse our comprehensive range of small bathroom suites today.