To make sure you pick the right product first time around, we’ll show you which basin waste you’ll need for your chosen basin.

An essential component for any basin, your waste performs a vital function, helping to drain your basin. Although, when buying many people don’t realise that different basins require a specific type of waste. In this article, we’ll show you the main 3 types of waste available and show you which basins they are suitable for.

What is a basin waste?

A basin waste is an essential part of any plumbed basin, as it connects your basin to the waste pipe, allowing water to drain away safely. The waste is often referred to as a “plug” or “plug hole”, although these terms are correct, they only make up a part of the whole waste which consists of the connection to your pipework and a way to “plug” and keep water in your basin.

Which basin waste do you need?

What are the different types of basin waste?

Slotted waste

Far and away the most common type of waste, a slotted waste is suitable for use with a basin that has an overflow. The slot in the waste allows any excess water from the overflow to drain into the waste pipe when the plug is closed.

Slotted wastes can come in a variety of designs, including turn over and pop up models which you press to plug.

Slotted basin waste

Unslotted waste

Far less commonly required is the unslotted waste, which is only suitable for basins without an overflow, like some of the more decorative countertop basins.

Again, these come in similar designs to their slotted counterparts, like turn over and pop up models.

Unslotted waste

Chainstay waste

Commonly used with certain traditional style basins, a chainstay waste contains elements you may be familiar with from older style bathrooms and public toilets. In recent years, this type of waste, which includes a plug on the end of a chain, has been overtaken by modern designs in terms of popularity, as the plug chain can look a little untidy when not in use.

Chainstay waste

Chainstay wastes are only suitable when your chosen basin comes with a pre-drilled chainstay hole. They are almost always slotted, for use with an overflow.

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