In this expert guide from online bathrooms specialist, we show you how to measure for a bath, so you can get the perfect bathroom fit.

It’s the item that your bathroom is named for. Your bath is arguably the most important thing you can buy during any refurbishment project. If you’re updating your bathroom, you’ll need to know exactly what size to order, which is where we come in with this easy-to-follow article.

A common planning mistake, it is all-too-easy to order the wrong size bath for your space, which can lead to delays with your project as you order a replacement. In this expert article, we’ve included a handy step-by-step video, so you can see the exact measurements you need to take when ordering.

Handy hint: Find out more about standard bath sizes.

How to measure for a bath video

Here’s how to measure for a bath

  1. Start with the length. Measure the distance from one side of your bath to the other (starting at the widest point on curved or corner baths)
  2. Next, measure from the back wall or edge to the front. This will give you the width.
  3. Then, on the exterior of the bath, measure from the floor to the top edge, giving you the height.
  4. Finally, measure the depth, which is the interior measurement, from the deepest part of your bath to the overflow. This to gauge the depth of water it can hold.

Step-by-step images

Measuring the bath length

Measuring the bath length.

Measuring the bath width

Measuring the bath width.

Measuring the bath height

Measuring the bath height.

Measuring the bath depth

Measuring the bath depth.

Different types of bath

Whilst we measured a freestanding bath in our video, it is far more likely that you’ll be measuring for a straight bath which is usually positioned against a wall. However, all the above measurements still apply.

Other common types of bath include corner baths and shower baths. You can find out more about all these baths and more in our bath buying guide.

Different bath types

Buy baths

With all those measurements in mind, you’re now ready to order your new bath. Why not check out our comprehensive range of high quality tubs by clicking on the image below?

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