When you’re thinking bathrooms there can be a tendency to concentrate so much on the big things like the suite you want, that you can overlook the different accessories that can also improve your bathroom in so many ways.

At the most practical level there are a wide range of plumbing and tiling accessories and, for more aesthetic enhancements, there are mirrors and cabinets, soap holders and designer towel rails – even stylish ways to store your toothbrush.

Types of bathroom accessories

Plumbing and tiling

The plumbing may not be the most glamorous aspect of any bathroom but it’s important that it’s all in perfect working order if you want to avoid leaks. That’s why we supply a range of connectors and sealants that are relatively straightforward to fit and apply for the home DIY-er.

If you fancy tackling some tiling yourself you’ll also find that we have all the tools and adhesives you need to make a really neat job of it.


It might seem like a small detail but a change of waste – or plug hole to give it a more everyday name – can give your current bath of basin a stylish new look. If you think plugs should be a thing of the past, why not fit a turn over waste to your basin? It’s a pivoting disc that you just rotate through 90 degrees to open and close. A sleek alternative for the bath waste is a pop-up waste which looks great and means never having to replace a broken plug chain again!

Bathroom mirrors

No bathroom’s complete without a mirror or two. They’re not just invaluable for doing things like popping in your contact lenses or shaving, they can also give a smaller bathroom a greater feeling of space. We’ve a number to choose from—whether you want them to store your bathroom necessities, to have integral lighting or simply fit flush on the wall.

Mode Rodia LED mirror

The Rodia LED mirror, part of the Mode Bathrooms collection, brings illumination right where you need it most

Finishing touches

Our finishing touches are exactly that – items which aren’t essential in the bathroom but just add those extra practical details that make a bathroom easier to use. These include robe hooks and shelves, toilet roll dispensers and tumblers. You'll also find accessories that will help save space, like a small towel rail. By choosing carefully from the many styles available it can really add character too.

Lunar toilet roll holder

For a fresh, modern appearance, check out our Lunar range of bathroom accessories

Things to consider

Most of our accessories are simple to introduce into your bathroom but there are a few things to think about when it comes to fitting or installing some of the more complicated items.


When it’s done well tiling can create a stunning effect in a bathroom. But there is quite a skill involved in making sure that tiles are cut perfectly to fit awkward areas and there are clean edges, for example when you tile over a windowsill. So while we can supply a wide choice of tiling accessories and even the tiles themselves, it could be a good idea to call in a professional if you’re not 100% confident that you’ll do a good job.

White Metro Tiles

White metro tiles are particularly popular these days thanks to their versatility, making them suitable for both traditional and contemporary style decor

Extractor fans and illuminated mirrors

You’ll almost certainly need to call in a qualified professional if you’re planning to install an extractor fan as it will have to be connected to your home’s mains electricity – not to mention needing to have a recess for it cut into the bathroom wall.

The same is true if the illuminated mirror you choose needs a mains connection - though a practical alternative could be one of our LED mirrors that run on AA size batteries and can safely be installed by anyone.

Enhancing your bathroom

If you want to enhance your bathroom, whether it’s just for your benefit, or because you’re planning to make a few improvements to help make your home more attractive to potential buyers, there are some very easy “quick wins” you can achieve with our accessories range.

For example you could invest in one of our accessory ranges. There are a number of different styles to choose from, ranging from the ultra-modern like the Lunar range to a more traditional style like the Camberley collection. You can pick and choose the items from each range and, together, they create an altogether more coherent look for the room, with designer towel rails, toothbrush holders and more.

If your home is an older style, or you just prefer the natural look, you could introduce the warmth of wood. We’ve everything from toilet seats to cabinets in oak finishes to choose from.

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The great thing is that, whatever you decide to do to enhance your bathroom, with our huge range of great value accessories you needn’t break the bank. So why not browse our wide range of [bathroom accessories] today?

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