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Shower bath suites. Find out more...

By selecting one of these beautiful shower bath suites, you'll save both time and money when compared to selecting all your components individually. We've put together a collection of carefully designed suites that will work brilliantly with a wide range of bathrooms layouts and sizes. Our shower bath suites include L shaped bathroom suites or P shaped bathroom suites, plus a combination of toilets and basins.

Shower bath suite buying guide

If you’re considering purchasing a shower bath suite for your bathroom makeover, please read our expert buying guide below where we’ll help you make all the right decisions.

What is a shower bath suite?

A shower bath suite is merely a type of bathroom suite which usually contains a toilet, basin and shower bath.

The type of toilet and basin may vary. For example, a vanity unit, washstand or countertop basin might replace a standard pedestal basin.

In some cases, accessories such as taps, wastes and bath panels are also included with the suite.

The shower bath itself may be a straight model or come with an enlarged end for showering, in which case, it is usually a P shaped or L shaped shower bath. All our shower baths come with a glass screen to protect from splashes, and are available in left and right handed designs.

What type of bathroom is a shower bath suitable for?

Shower bath suites are ideal for shared bathrooms or family bathrooms, where one person may want to take a bath and another may prefer a shower. The shower bath suite allows all household members to enjoy the best of both worlds.

A shower bath suite can be added to any bathroom large enough to fit a standard-sized bath, a toilet and a basin comfortably. A downstairs cloakroom or small ensuite may not be large enough to house all of these items comfortably.

What are the advantages of buying a shower bath suite?

• Gives you (and your entire family) the option to bathe or shower whenever you like • Our shower bath suites have been designed to complement each other from a style perspective—no mismatched products • You’ll save money buying as a package, instead of purchasing the items separately • Buy everything you need all in go • With the option of a shower, instead of a bath, you can save on water and energy bills

What are the disadvantages of a shower bath suite?

• You’ll need more space than you would for a shower enclosure suite • There may be a specific type of toilet, basin or vanity unit, which isn’t included in our shower bath suite packages

What types of shower bath suite are available?

As we touched upon above, shower bath suites come in a range of sizes and options, but fit generally within the following 3 options:

Straight shower bath suite

For those with little space to play with, a straight shower bath suite is ideal. The bath itself is a conventional straight design, with no enlarged end, meaning it can fit into relatively narrow spaces. We even stock freestanding shower bath suites—perfect for more traditional bathrooms.

P shaped shower bath suite

With this type of shower bath suite, the shower bath comes with an enlarged, curved end for showering. It is so-called, as it resembles a P shape. The accompanying shower screen is also curved. The enlarged end does mean it takes more water is required to fill the bath.

L shaped shower bath suite

As you may have guessed, an L shaped shower bath resembles an L shape, with an enlarged, square end, giving you more room to move about when showering.

Different shower bath suite styles

Broadly, shower bath suites come in 2 different styles which we’ll detail below.

Contemporary shower bath suites

For a fresh, modern look, choose any of our contemporary shower bath suites. These draw on the latest trends, with clean lines, simple shapes and minimalism key hallmarks of this style. Contemporary bath suites are a very popular choice.

Traditional shower bath suites

This beauty of a traditional shower bath suite is its timeless appeal, with tried and tested designs which never go out of fashion. Flourishes and decorative additions, like ornate bath feet and bevelled edges, give traditional shower bath suites a distinct vintage flavour.

What do I need with my shower bath suite?

Many of our shower bath come complete with accessories, to help you complete your installation. However, do check carefully what each shower bath suite package contains. You may need to add any of the following to your basket:

Taps (bath and basin)

Check out our full range of bath and basin taps, or, for a coordinated look, buy one of our matching bathroom tap sets.

Wastes (bath and basin)

A waste is essential to both your shower bath and basin, allowing you to contain and drain water away safely. The type of waste you choose will depend on the design of both your shower bath and basin.

Shower bath panels

Depending on your shower bath design, you will likely need bath panels to give your installation that finished look. Make sure you choose the correct dimensions before purchasing.


At Victoria Plum, you’ll find a huge selection of showers, from slider rail kits to luxurious dual outlet systems, to complete your shower bath installation.

Other items

Whilst your shower bath suite will provide the basic foundations for your bathroom, you will also need to consider additional items, like heating, lighting, furniture, mirrors, accessories, tiles and flooring. All of these items (and more!) are available at Victoria Plum. Why not browse our extensive range?

Which shower bath brands are available?

You’ll find a wide variety of shower bath suite brands to choose from at Victoria Plum, including exclusive brands you won’t find anywhere else. These include:

How do I fit a shower bath suite?

Installing a shower bath suite requires plenty of plumbing and should only be attempted by an experienced professional. If you’d like to see how it’s done, check out our guides to fitting baths, showers, toilets and basins.

Shop shower bath suites

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