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The Louise Dear collection
Louise Dear
Louise Dear


Louise Dear is one of Britain’s most thrilling contemporary artists, producing vivid, electrifying paintworks, and renowned for her use of bold colours and eclectic materials. Louise’s philosophy is a simple one: To create beautiful paintings. Which is why, with our own passion for inspirational bathrooms, we’ve formed the perfect partnership. Taking influence from Louise’s most famous paintings, we’ve created a stunning new bathroom collection, containing suites, showers, baths and more. We’re sure you’ll be as thrilled as we are to own your very own.

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Louise Dear
About the collection


Being creative isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to designing a bathroom. With this stunning new collection, you can quickly achieve that unique space you’ve always been dreaming of. Based around 4 of Louise’s most famous paintings: Kiss Kiss Bam Bam, The Serenade, Coo…ee! and Yum Yum, you can mix things up by purchasing items separately or pick one of our all-in-one solutions, with colour-coordinated, complementary items. You can be as creative as you like and produce your very own work of art.

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Meet Louise Dear


From her formative years in such far-flung locations as South Africa and the Far East, to her travels around Europe in a honey pink-coloured converted ambulance, Louise has certainly lived a colourful life. After settling in Australia and becoming an Exhibition Designer for Lego, Louise finally returned to these shores where she became a mother to daughter Lama. With another stint in further education under her belt, Louise became a full-time artist in 1998. Since then, she has gone on to become one of the UK’s most impressive contemporary artists, creating bold, exciting paintings and experimenting with materials. Many of Louise’s most famous paintings portray glamorous, young ladies and it is these which have inspired the new Louise Dear collection, exclusive to

Louise Dear collection
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