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Gender pay gap reporting at

Introduction from the ceo

This report covers our gender pay gap position for 5th April 2018, which is our first official year of reporting.

Our organisation reflects an historically typical organisational make up of a STEM* retail business, namely a predominantly male leadership team. Consequently, we currently have a more meaningful amount of men than women in senior positions.

We have a policy of attracting capable women into our business and an equal right of opportunity to compete for the same roles as men.

But real things take real time and the hard truth is that we have found it incredibly difficult to attract women, or encourage women, within the organisation to apply for senior roles. We will continue to do our best to provide encouragement, support and equal opportunity for all and, in time, expect our efforts will result in a more appropriate blend of men and women in senior posts.

To that end, we continue to take a targeted approach and will be reviewing and implementing policies and plans that will gradually start to have an impact and drive a much-needed change over the next 5 years. However, we must not be complacent and accept that we could see some years where our gap will either remain the same or increase before it starts to get better.

I am personally committed to equal opportunity and I know, at first hand, the value and insight a blend of capable men and women working together can bring to an organisation such as ours. I am determined to work with my team to continue to drive the momentum.

It is important that reflects the diversity of the customers and communities we serve and becomes an employer of choice for both men and women. I confirm that the information provided is accurate and in line with the mandatory requirements.

Paul McClenaghan, Chief Executive Officer,

*STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing.

An introduction to our figures

An introduction to our figures

Over the following pages, we will show’s overall median and mean gender pay data based on hourly rates of pay as at the snapshot date of 5th April 2018.

This is the first year of reporting our gender pay data, due to an increase taking Victoria Plum Ltd over the 250 headcount on 4th March 2018. We will also show median and mean bonus pay data for bonuses paid up to 5th April 2018, plus some additional information to explain our pay data and how we will work towards addressing the gender pay gap. is an online bathroom retailer with its HQ in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Established in 2001, the company has a predominantly male workforce operating in senior level roles, distribution and technology.

What is the difference between mean and median?

The mean and median are 2 ways of calculating the average bonus of women and men at Victoria Plum Ltd.

If we were to create 2 lines, one with all the women at Victoria Plum Ltd, and the other with all the men:

The mean is adding up all the data separately for the women and men and dividing by the number of people in the respective line. The median is at exactly the halfway point on each of the lines.

Gender balance

Gender balance

Due to the nature of our business, falling into the STEM sector, the gender swing is biased towards males. This is reflective in the roles carried out by this gender and the historical stereotype that is being challenged within and in the external market. In addition, our executive level roles are also male-dominated.

Colleagues: 28.4% Female and 71.6% Male.

Pay gap

Pay gap

Mean gender pay gap = 17.3%
Median gender pay gap = 10.4%

Our pay gap is due to the higher percentage of males throughout our business, including in more senior and higher paid positions. As this is our first year of reporting, we won’t be able to see the results of the work through our efforts to reduce the gap until we report in 2019, However, we are committed to reducing this gap.

We have also taken the opportunity to compare ourselves against the national average and the figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) who published their data in October 2018.

National comparison for 2018 statistics
Using ONS data as published October 2018*

National mean 17.1% mean 17.3%

National median 17.9% median 10.4%

*ONS Guide to the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE), gender pay gap tables, October 2018.

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Quartile reports

As can be seen from the quartile figures, the upper and upper middle quartile is reflective of the senior level/managerial positions held within the business, predominantly by men.

The lower and lower middle quartile show more female distribution, however it is still heavily dominated by males. We see more administrative, call centre, drivers and operative level colleagues in these areas. As well as looking at how we target, attract and promote more females into senior level roles, we also recognise a need to look into doing the same in other areas.

Lower quartile = 31.4% female and 68.6% male.
Lower middle quartile = 32.9% female and 67.1% male.
Upper middle quartile = 27.1% female and 72.9% male.
Upper quartile = 22% female and 78% male.

Quartile reports
Bonus gap

Bonus gap

Mean bonus gap = 78%
Median bonus gap = 1.9%

What proportion of colleagues received bonus pay in 2018?

Females = 4.1%
Males = 5.8%

The bonus gap is due to the number of males that hold more senior and middle management roles within the business, which brings with it eligibility to the bonus scheme.

However, we believe that through increasing the proportion of women employed by, particularly in more senior roles and higher paid positions, we will reduce the gap. This will be carried out through a review of our attraction, retention and progression policies.

Our plans to progress towards a more diverse future

Review of our promotion, recruitment and talent pipeline decisions to eliminate gender bias, promote diversity and to increase the presence of more females in senior roles.

Raising the profile of women at all levels and in a wide variety of roles at, including in our operations, distribution and technology. We will also aim to actively get involved in our internal and external communications and to act as role models for other women within the business.

Expressed interest in becoming one of the employers selected for the CIPD Returners Programme (pending government funding approval) to encourage more women back into the workplace following career breaks, maternity leave, redundancy, etc.

Brokering relationships with schools, colleges and universities, to raise the profile of roles which women hold within our organisation that have historically been male-dominated, and representing future career options for women/younger generation.

Reviewing the current pay, benefits and reward schemes, to ensure that clearly defined structures are in place and there is gender parity.

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