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How to drill through tiles

How to drill through tiles without cracking

In this video, we show you how to properly drill through tile without breaking it

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First, we need to check the area for pipes and wires before drilling using a detector.

Then measure and mark the point you wish to drill the hole.

Depending on what the hole is for, you may need to insert a wall plug, so it’s important to choose a tile drill bit that matches the size of your plug.

Set to the drill setting. If you use the hammer action on your drill you risk cracking the tile.

You can use a piece of tape to help prevent the drill from slipping.

Wearing the appropriate safety gear, press lightly on the trigger,

Take your time, using 2 hands to fully support the drill.

If you push into the tile too hard then you risk damaging the surface.

Once you have made it through the tile and are drilling into the wall, you can switch to a masonry drill bit.

The hammer function will help get you through the wall however there is still the risk of cracking if you don’t keep the drill bit straight.

Now your hole is complete and no tiles were cracked in the process.

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