When browsing through bathroom designs, many retailers and designers will proudly show off suites and furniture in bathrooms that appear to be the size of the entire ground floor of your home!

Obviously, this is done so that products can be presented in the best possible setting. However, in reality, most bathrooms in the UK are quite small and our customer bathroom gallery provides evidence to back this up!

Small in size, big on style

So, how is it possible to get that chic look without overcrowding the small space you have available?

If your bathroom is no bigger than a postage stamp, here are 6 top style tips to help you decorate your compact space.

1. Corner toilet

When you have a small bathroom it’s essential that you maximise the space you have available. So, rather than sticking the toilet flush against the wall, losing the space down one side, why not get a corner unit like the Palm corner close coupled toilet?

Every bit of space you can muster will help with the overall look of the bathroom and there are always wall hung basins and back to wall toilets if you don’t want a big cistern or pedestal getting in the way.

Palm corner close coupled toilet

The Palm corner close coupled toilet uses your space efficiently

2. Mirrors

Using mirrors in small rooms to create the illusion of space has to be one of the oldest tricks in the book. That said, it’s still an effective one.

Be careful though, as using lots of mirrors could end up ruining the style you’ve gone for in the first place. An L-shaped mirror in the corner is often the best bet.

3. Clever storage solutions

There tends to be a lot of wasted space in a bathroom that ends up never being used. If you have a bath, do you use the space underneath? The vast majority are simply boxed off away from view. However, with a bit of creativity, that space can be utilised for the storage of towels or toiletries.

Houses that use stud walls to create the rooms give people another chance to store their belongings without compromising on floor space. Bathroom cabinets don’t need to be very deep, so why not create a recess in the wall, rather than adding a cabinet? If this isn’t practical, a tall wall hung cabinet like the Chamonix doesn’t take up any floor space and only has a projection of just 250mm.

Chamonix tall storage cabinet

Why not make use of your wall space, with this Chamonix white wall cabinet?

4. Wet room

Who says you have to have a traditional bathroom? If you’ve got a small space, maximise its use by creating a wet room.

Just to explain, a wet room is completely sealed and waterproofed, usually with a central drain for water run-off. This means it is designed to be a wet environment and usually includes a shower without a tray.

This gets rid of the need for cabinets and the like but still gives you a space you can use. For added luxury, choose from our range of 10mm wetroom panels.

Mode premium 10mm wet room glass panel

A wet room panel can really open up a compact bathroom

5. Décor

Compact spaces, whether it’s a bathroom or a bedroom, should always opt for light colours. Dark hues immediately make a space feel smaller, so it’s important that you choose a colour that creates a sense of space.

Another way to trick the eye is with large floor tiles – or you could go one step further with floor-to-ceiling tiles.

6. Lighting

Lighting can also be used to create the illusion of space. Many bathrooms contain one overhead light, but by being creative and installing recessed lighting into your ceiling or walls, you will give the room a cosier feel. This opens up the space and gives the room a brand new look and feel.

Looking for further inspiration? We have loads of great small bathroom ideas at VictoriaPlum.com.