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Are bathroom taps a standard size?
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Are bathroom taps a standard size?

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Room planning | 1 year ago 5 min read

Looking to add a new tap to your bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom? We've got all the details you need...


Whether you are a new homeowner looking to get a brand new basin tap or just looking to replace your old leaky taps, there is a range of taps available on the market that will be perfect for your bathroom. Whether its bath taps, mixer tap, mixer taps, basin taps, bath mixer tap, 2 separate taps, you will need to know what size most taps are and how to make sure your hot and cold water taps and your single tap hole or double tap holes are lined up.

Firstly, how many tap holes are needed. Whether its one tap hole or many tap holes, taps like monobloc taps, waterfall taps, and freestanding bath taps can be troublesome to fix because of this reason.

Getting a bathroom basin tap would require visits to countless shops as well as hours spent deliberating on various factors such as dimensions, style, and feasibility. Thankfully with guides like this article, you can begin to make your purchase without much hassle!

Each style of tap comes with its requirements as well as limitations, and this article will allow you to make a more informed purchase for your next bathroom basin tap. 

Orchard Wharfe freestanding bath filler tap

Small taps

For bathrooms with a smaller basin, a small tap would be an ideal choice without sacrificing the basic functionality of a tap. They are less commonly found in shops and as such may come with a slightly higher price tag. 

Small taps are perfect for quick handwashes and are not designed for scrubbing or washing laundry or other apparatus. This makes them easier to clean but also hard to use for the above-mentioned purposes.  

Tall taps

Tall taps are commonly combined with vessel sinks so that they can reach over the edge of sinks without sacrificing countertop space. 

The design of tall taps is similar to single taps but come in larger dimensions ranging up to 400 mm. They come in a variety of colours and finishes such as gold and chrome. Paired with your stylish new vessel sink, the tall taps complete the contemporary look of a modern bathroom. 

While shopping around for a tall tap, be sure to take note of the dimensions to ensure enough clearance from the edge of your vessel sink. Tall taps typically cost slightly more than single taps but are a great choice for those with a vessel sink looking for that extra hand-washing space. 

Wall mounted taps

A wall-mounted tap may be the perfect choice for the minimalism-minded, or those looking to save as much space as possible in your bathroom. 

The plumbing and pipes for wall-mounted taps are concealed, allowing you the showcase your stylish sink in full view without blockage. 

Generally, wall-mounted taps are more expensive as they require additional renovation works such as wall hacking and replacement of tiles amongst others. They are also more costly to maintain as the pipes are hidden. 

Despite their cost, wall-mounted taps are a popular option for the sense of elegance and style they bring to a modern bathroom. Be sure to check with local regulations on renovations before starting installation works for your wall-mounted tap. 

Automated taps

Commonly found in the toilets of shopping malls around the world, automated taps use infrared technology to detect the motion of your hand as you swipe across the sensor and wait for the water to come gushing through. 

They are now increasingly being installed in households as well for their hygienic and water-saving nature as you never have to worry about germs from others touching knobs or accidentally leaving the tap on. 

For busy households with many people, investing in an automated infrared tap is a good option for saving space as well as more water in the long run.  

Single taps

Single taps are one of the most commonly used taps in households around the world. They are simple, easy to use and offer nothing but pure functionality. 

Mounted on a single-hole basin, this tap has one lever that controls the water pressure and flows along with a knob to control the temperature of the water by mixing the hot and cold water outputs.  

Single taps are easy to replace and require only a few tools such as a screw and bolt, and a putty knife to scrape away built-up old residue. 

A single tap works best for homeowners looking for a cheap and no-frills tap that is easy to use and install.  

Mode Tate high rise basin mixer tap

Pillar taps

Pillar taps may be old-fashioned but bring with them a vintage style and design that add more antique heritage to your bathroom. 

They are found in pairs, with one tap for hot water and one for cold water, though modern versions do come in singles. Pillar taps require more plumbing and drilling of new holes which can increase your installation cost, but the base price of the taps is affordable, starting from around £40. 

For households with kids, this might not be a practical option as hot water flowing through pillar taps can be very high in temperature. But for those looking to add a vintage piece to your bathroom, a pillar tap will be just the right choice for that added nostalgia. 

Triple hole taps

As the name suggests, triple hole taps require three holes to be drilled side by side in your basin, costing more for plumbing and drilling works. They come in a single unit of three pieces that is to be mounted on each hole. 

These taps allow you to control the exact mixture of hot and cold water with a separate knob for each. For those with larger taps looking for something more unique than the average single tap, triple hole taps are a good option, with a wide range of styles available on the market.


Whether you are looking for something vintage or something modern, functional or stylish, there is a high chance that there is a tap that is perfect for your bathroom that you can begin installing today. 

Before making your purchase, be sure to note down the requirements and limitations of each style of tap to ensure a smooth purchasing and installation process. Certain styles of taps such as wall-mounted ones will require additional renovation works, so be sure to factor in those costs too. 

With a wide array of taps available in different styles and finishes on the market, every household can now add that extra functional or decorative touch to their bathroom.

Shop bathroom taps

Whatever type of bathroom tap you’re looking for, you’ll find the widest selection at the best possible prices right here. With a huge variety of styles, designs and finishes, you’re bound to discover the perfect tap at the perfect price. Shop bathroom taps now.

Author, Rebecca Doody

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Room planning | 1 year ago

Originally from Somerset, Rebecca is our resident copywriter who takes care of all things product related. Rebecca loves the modern interior style with both neutral and bold influences to create a statement look.

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