It’s that time of year again: The holidays are now officially over and those little hell-raisers are finally going back to school.

If you’re a parent and you’ve relaxed your children’s routines during the holidays, you’ll probably find yourself having to go back to much stricter hours of bath time and bed time. Getting your little treasures to readopt this regime can sometimes be hellish, but here a few tips from a fellow parent that might help:

1. Bath time = Fun time

Bath time should be a period of fun and enjoyment for your children. Take time out to chat and play with them. Ask them what they have got up to during the day and formulate some fun games to play (if you want to be sneaky, these can even be “learning games”!).

2. Spell it out

Make each step of the routine clear to your children. If the process goes tea time, wind-down time, bath time, bed time – make sure you stick to that. Don’t give in to small changes here and there.

Playing games in the bathroom

3. Relax

Make sure your bathroom is a relaxing place for you and your kids. Constant movement or harsh bathroom lighting can overstimulate everyone. Use downlighters or even wall sconces to help soften the glare.

Handy hint: Get some more tips on clever bathroom lighting.

4. Add more storage space

To enhance your relaxation even further, add some extra storage for all those bath toys, towels and toiletries. There’s nothing worse than stepping on a Ben 10 figure with your bare feet in the middle of the night. At you’ll find a superb range of elegant wall hung vanity units or floor standing cabinets, which not only look great but will help declutter your bathroom.

Time for brushing teeth

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