As the nights draw in and the last vestiges of summer are whipped away from under our noses, it’s only natural to reassess the way in which we live our lives.

Whilst summer generally tends to involve lots of outdoor activities and plenty of fresh air, autumn can lead to a change in our lifestyle, with the home coming into sharper focus.

With the advent of wearable tech and all manner of devices that allow us to monitor our wellbeing, tending to both our physical and mental health has become increasingly important, and is especially significant when the days become shorter.

The bathroom has always played a key role in allowing us to find a private space in which to unwind and relax, away from the general hustle and bustle of everyday life. The benefits of relaxation are obvious: It brings down our blood pressure, allows us to reflect, think rationally and heightens our mood. A bathroom that is designed to be a stress-free environment is the key to maintaining wellness.

With that in mind, our latest “get the look” article will show you how to create a bathroom that promotes relaxation, no matter how large or small it may be. We’re calling it “Pure Harmony”.

Pure Harmony inspiration

As with any type of home interiors project, the best way to set out on your design journey is to create a mood board, using elements you’ve spotted from various different sources such as magazines, websites (Pinterest is particularly good for this purpose). You can even take inspiration from bathrooms you’ve seen elsewhere, like a friend’s house or that hotel you stayed in during the summer.

To help set the tone for your Pure Harmony bathroom, our stylist Nicky has put in the hard work for you and created her own mood board below, demonstrating the different colours, textures, products and accessories you can use to get the style just right.

Pure Harmony mood board

Planning your Pure Harmony bathroom

So you’ve created your mood board, but what now?

The next step on the journey is to apply all those colours, materials and products to your own bathroom layout. Spa-like serenity can be achieved through the right combination of all these things, so you’ll need to think about the size of your room and what you can fit into that space.

The main aim is to create an environment which focuses the mind. A cluttered bathroom = a cluttered mind, so if you have toiletries, towels, lotions and ornaments all over the place, you will never feel truly relaxed. Your décor needs to be clean, minimalist, light and bright.

It should draw on the Japanese art of Zen, to create a space that is perfect for mindfulness and deep thinking. Indeed, there are many aspects of Japanese culture you can incorporate into your Pure Harmony bathroom design, which we’ll touch upon later. So, without further ado, let us show you how to create your very own Pure Harmony bathroom.

Creating your Pure Harmony bathroom

Pure Harmony Bathroom

Whilst you may not quite have the same amount of space as we did in our Pure Harmony room set above, you can still clearly spot some of the elements that can turn a busy and functional bathroom, into one that helps you chill out and unwind.

Key elements for your Pure Harmony bathroom:

  • A clean, minimalist approach—no ornate designs, complex patterns or bold colours
  • Thin lines—Handles, taps, showers should all be slender. No chunky or overbearing elements
  • Single light shades for your walls and floors—white, light grey, sand and beige all work well
  • Reflective or polishes surfaces—help to enhance both natural and artificial light
  • Washed out woods—add a natural element without being overly dark
  • Ample storage—store clutter away out of sight and out of mind
  • Rounded shapes—softens the look
  • Focus on the bath—the centrepiece for any relaxing space

Pure Harmony bathroom products


The bath is THE place to spend time relaxing, so it makes sense for it to be the item you take most time in choosing. A contemporary freestanding bath with a simple shape, accompanied by a slender freestanding bath filler tap is the ideal choice, but if you don’t have the room to spare, look for space-saving back to wall designs or double ended baths.


Keeping your bathroom feeling light and bright is a key consideration, and this can be achieved by choosing either a walk in or frameless shower enclosure. Some of your best thinking can be had in a shower, so why not opt for a dual shower with an overhead outlet allowing rainfall style water cascade from directly above you, plus the option to switch to a handheld shower, providing a more invigorating experience.

Orchard Crescent freestanding bath


The golden rule is that less is more when it comes to storage. A vanity unit and a wall hung unit should discreetly conceal everything you need to keep in your bathroom. Choose light wood colours to fit with your overall décor. Make sure surfaces are kept clear.

Orchard Wye oak wall hung double basin unit 1200mm


A contemporary back to wall toilet with a light coloured unit that matches the rest of your furniture helps to enhance the clean, light and bright feel.

Orchard Wye oak back to wall unit with contemporary toilet and seat


Natural light, and lots of it, is a great way to keep your Pure Harmony bathroom feeling bright and airy. Make optimum use of any windows you may have. For those darker evenings, downlights and even task lighting can help to set the right mood.

Tiles and flooring

By tiling your room, you can maintain that fresh feel with the minimum of effort. Look out for light coloured stone or wood effect tiles. Don’t be tempted by fussy mosaics or bright colours.

Pure Harmony tiles


Keep accessories to a minimum and choose carefully. A wooden bath board can be both functional and highly attractive, whilst a simple bath mat will keep your feet nice and warm when you get out of the bath.

Pure Harmony in an average-sized bathroom

Having a bathroom that's the size of the one pictured above is all well and good, but the average UK bathroom size is much smaller.

So, to help you plan your Pure Harmony bathroom, we've created the following room set, which shows exactly how much you can fit in an average-sized space.

Pure Harmony in an average-sized bathroom

As you can see, the focus is still firmly on the freestanding bath. However, we've also cleverly incorporated a washstand and countertop basin installation, along with the back to wall toilet, for a clean and uncluttered look.

Pure Harmony average-sized bathroom from above

How to relax in your Pure Harmony bathroom

So, you’ve got the bathroom but what more can you do to achieve a zen-like state? Here are some great tips to achieve complete relaxation:

Observe your breathing

Breathing is something we do without thinking, so by taking time to focus on your breathing, you can learn to relax and unwind. An activity best saved for the bath or shower, clear your mind of thoughts and focus on your breathing for around a minute, inhaling deeply through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. It should reduce your heart rate and calm you down.

Be mindful

Be aware of your stream of conscious thoughts and allow them to appear and dissolve without any other distractions coming into play. This will help you filter out any worries or doubts you may have.

Create a cleaning ritual

One of the influences from Japanese bathing is the ritualistic way in which it’s done. Ensure your bathroom is clutter-free before you begin (especially if your children or partner have used it beforehand). Store all your bath time essentials, such as sponges, brushes and soaps, in a wooden bucket, which can be stored elsewhere. Work from top to bottom and take your time, being mindful of every part of the cleansing ritual.

Some words of inspiration...

Make use of your view

Whilst privacy is a key consideration, if you are lucky enough to have a pleasant view out of a window and you’re not overlooked by other properties, why not make use of that view and open your windows to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature? It’s a great way to bring serenity to proceedings.

Do as the Japanese do

If you have separate shower and bath installations, why not follow the Japanese method of washing? Add a shower stool to your shower area and begin, in a seated position, by scrubbing and rinsing off the grime and dirt of the day, before you finally descend into your nice hot steamy bath.

Create Pure Harmony for less

To leave you feeling even more relaxed, you can now save on many of the items featured in this article, Start creating your very own Pure Harmony bathroom for less by browsing our bathroom suite collections.