Choosing your bathroom tiles is arguably one of the most exciting parts of the bathroom buying journey.

With so many colours, shapes, sizes, textures and finishes on offer, you probably won’t even know where to begin. Tiles range from the fairly functional white, rectangular gloss tile, to the more intriguing such as hexagonal tiles or wood effect tiles. On-trend designs at the moment include Metro tiles (so-called as they resemble the small tiling used in underground train stations), grey tiles and stone effect tiles. The possibilities really are endless.

To give you some great bathroom tiles ideas, we’ve come up with the following tile combinations, and ways you can inject some personality into your décor.

More than one way to lay a Metro tile

Metro tiles are all the rage at the moment. These small tiles may be slightly devilish to install, due to the sheer amount of grouting required, but the effect can be stunning. The great thing about Metro tiles is their versatility. They really do work with just about any style you can imagine, from contemporary to more traditional bathroom designs.

Available in a range of colours, you can choose between simple flat designs, or, to add a touch of relief, many come with a bevelled edge.

The most common way of using Metro tiles is to lay them in a brick bond fashion, as a bricklayer lays bricks (try saying that in a hurry!), but there are some other less common and infinitely more interesting ways to lay them.

Metro bathroom tiles ideas

This is just the tip of the iceberg! See our 8 different ways to use metro tiles to discover more formats.

Mixing metallics

One thing you may not have considered when thinking up bathroom tiles ideas is the metallic look. Industrial style bathrooms have been in vogue for a while now, and [metallic tiles] can be used to enhance the look of any industrial décor. Instead of using a single colour or finish, why not mix and match and create a chevron pattern, as we’ve done below.

Metallic tile combinations

Patchwork patterns

Patchwork tiles can be used to create a really personalised design that is unique to your bathroom. At home in both contemporary and traditional bathrooms, patchwork tiles are the perfect choice if you wish to break up the uniformity of your bathroom design. They can also be used to create a specific style, as with our Arabian style bathroom below.

Patchwork tiles

It's only a game

Planning for a new bathroom can often feel like it’s a game. Moving all the pieces around until you are finally in a winning position. So why not let your floor tiles reflect this?

A chequerboard floor is an absolute design classic that harks back to a golden era of interior styling. Lay black and white alternating tiles across your floor for a dramatic backdrop. Sometimes the most simple bathroom tiles ideas are the best, and a chequerboard floor is perfect for traditional styles.

Chequerboard floor

A merging of styles

Blurring the boundaries, as a generic concept, is becoming increasingly popular in interior design. However, merging two different styles of wall or floor covering is something that is only just catching on.

For some great bathroom tiles ideas, take a look at our room sets below. We’ve merged hexagonal tiles into a plain wall, providing protection where you’ll need it most. Or, you could even use different tiles to create zones within your bathroom, marking out your bath, shower, toilet or basin areas.

Hex tiles

Coloured grout

Whilst different tiles will produce different styles, your choice of grout can also have a real effect on general look and feel of your bathroom. These days, there are many different coloured grouts available, meaning you needn't stick to plain old white. A black grout around white tiles can add a whole new dimension to a wall. Take a look at some of the ideas below for some great colour combinations.

Using different grout colours

Handy hint: Find out how to tile, with our handy DIY guide, including videos and practical advice.

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