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A beginner’s guide to freestanding sinks
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A beginner’s guide to freestanding sinks

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Buying guides | 2 years ago 4 min read

Freestanding sinks are a popular addition to many modern bathrooms. There are a variety of approaches, options and different styles when it comes to introducing this piece into your bathroom space. This useful guide will help you to understand these modern sinks in more detail.

Freestanding basins have always been a fashion statement and continue to be one of the hottest trends in bathroom decor. They are especially popular among owners of smaller bathrooms, who often do not have the space for sinks with large cabinets. Given the size available, you may be looking for bathroom sinks that give the illusion of more room.

Freestanding sinks come in a wide range of colours and designs, adding those clean lines to the overall design of the bathroom. You can opt for stainless steel sinks, farmhouse style sinks, pedestal basins or a bathroom sink with other materials, to name a few.

If you’re looking to swap over to a freestanding sink to keep up with the latest trends, all it takes is a little bit of manual labour, time and willingness to understand basic plumbing.

Knowing the difference between your chosen sink materials can help you to pick the right sink for your home. Prices range for new fixtures so be sure to look at popular materials, different gauges, shape, cabinet space and extra space. Whether your sinks are installed directly an make a difference too.

Orchard Wharfe 2 tap hole full pedestal basin 550mm

The Wharfe pedestal basin from Orchard Bathrooms—a classic example of a freestanding sink

What’s different about freestanding sinks?

Before we begin, it is important to know and understand what a freestanding sink is. Freestanding sinks do not come with a vanity unit or cabinets attached and are simply standalone sinks. They act as bathroom basins or kitchen sinks and suit a range of styles. You can opt for a white sink or a black sink for a modern approach, or you could also choose a more traditional style. Freestanding sinks are extremely versatile and can be given a classic look or a contemporary vibe.

Freestanding sinks consist of two main parts:

  1. The actual sink bowl itself which is often supported by a wall mount. It creates more space and features additional supports.

  2. The pillar underneath, which is often referred to as a style of pedestal basins. This can be installed underneath.


Freestanding sinks are a great option if you want your bathroom to look more spacious as part of your toilet revamp. Great for smaller spaces, they are simple, visually unobtrusive and easy to maintain, adding a minimalist elegance to the bathroom that gives off a sense of simple luxury.

Material such as ceramic are the most popular choice. However, although less popular, stainless steel, natural stone, composite material and cast iron are also used as they are all extremely durable. They are not obvious bathroom material choices due to the look and many people opt for ceramic or glass for style purposes. Scratch resistant and chip resistant, you will feel confident that your bathroom sink is high quality and non porous with antibacterial properties. This is hugely appropriate for a bathroom setting with excess water.

Countertop basins also assist with water that may overflow from the tap and spill onto the counter. It adds a level of protection. When choosing your countertop basin, look for the material- this could range from ceramic to granite to acrylic resins. Strong material must be able to withstand the use of abrasive cleaners for things like dirt and soil in your sinks when washing.

You’ll find yourself spoilt for choice as bathroom sinks come in so many different variations. There is something to suit every bathroom and it is easy to find one that looks perfect in your home. Additionally, the small footprint of many sinks mean that they can fit in almost any bathroom to replace current sinks.

Orchard Monnow white wall hung basin 340mm


You can expect to give up some utility when switching over to a freestanding sink. The primary drawback of these sinks and basins are the loss of storage space. Unlike your large vanity units, freestanding sinks offer no storage options built-in, which can be a hassle if you have several people sharing the same bathroom.

In a kitchen setting, farmhouse sinks offer storage space with the built in design, alongside top mount sinks which provide cupboards to keep essentials in. There is plenty of room for your cleaning products, rather than storing them on your countertop.

Even for just one individual person, finding places for all your other bathroom essentials like toiletries and cosmetics can be troublesome. Despite having an uncluttered sink, it is possible to end up with messy and unmanaged shelves that do not look cohesive together. Hence, before beginning your planning process, it’s important to ensure that your bathroom has enough storage space for all your needs.

If you need a counter with your basin, this can also be used for display purposes once you have selected to install it. Other styles are available so regardless of your preference, you can work around your decor.

Additionally, there are a lot of potential hidden costs and work that you will need to do when installing a freestanding sink. As mentioned previously, you may have to invest in additional storage options, new flooring, taps and a countertop, as well as getting new base moulding. Undermount sinks and pedestal sinks will be fitted accordingly.

Fitting a freestanding sink

So, you’ve purchased the freestanding sink you want and now it’s time to install it.

Firstly, remove the sink that is currently in place in your bathroom. This may require additional work to extend both the wall coverings and flooring, especially if you’re switching to a freestanding vanity sink. In most cases, it’s possible that the wall coverings and flooring have not been extended fully to cover the areas masked by the area that the sink will cover.

It is important to fix those materials before fitting the freestanding sink in, as these areas will be exposed once it’s installed. Furthermore, ensure that all connecting pipes can reach the new sink. To double-check this, disconnect and reconnect the water supply and waste pipe connected to the sink with the use of an adjustable wrench.

Lastly, take the freestanding sink and secure it to the floor using lag screws, and follow it with the wash basin above it. Attach the two pieces and ensure that all the mounting holes line up. Use lag screws for the mounting of the basin to the wall, taking care not to overtighten either the pedestal or the basin to prevent cracking the sink.

Once it is securely fastened to the wall and floor, reconnect the water supply and drainage line pipes to check for any leaks. Ensure that your sink is working with no issues before moving on to the next step. Finally, use silicone to seal up the space between the washbasin and the wall.

Orchard Elena 1 tap hole semi pedestal basin

Storage alternatives

You’ve just installed your new, stylish freestanding sink, but you’ve realised that there is limited storage space available to store extra appliances. Instead of reaching out to grab surrounding fabric or plastic boxes, consider the following suggestions on how to maximise your space. With a little creativity and innovation, there’s nothing you can’t fix.

Freestanding cabinets

There is always a way to add storage without having to hide the stand. We recommend installing low cabinets that match the same colour as your sink for cohesion, and add them either side beneath the basin. If it has open shelves, we recommend topping it with pretty lined baskets. This allows you to store even more bathroom necessities and spruce up your bathroom look.

The Bath Co. Camberley satin grey cloakroom floorstanding vanity and basin 460mm

Mount cube-style shelving

If floor space is scarce, you can mount cube-style shelving on the wall, flanking the sink on either side. It’ll add a bit of visual flair to your bathroom, while also minimising the effect on the floor space. This should start slightly above eye level and stagger towards the ceiling, or at a point where it is within reach. You can line the lower shelvings with baskets and decorate the upper ones to hold intricate decor.

Curved metal floor shelves

You could even opt for curved metal floor shelves which are designed specifically for usage alongside freestanding sinks. Your items will be on full display however, so maybe consider using a sink skirt to simplify the look and keep things clean.


A perfect, retro-looking freestanding sink can brighten up the entire decor of your bathroom and breathe new life into an otherwise dreary space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with lighting (feature lighting works great with freestanding sinks) as well as storage options. You can even make sink skirts to add style to the sink, concealing any shelving underneath. No matter the look, be it contemporary, traditional or modern, freestanding sinks can fit any look you want.

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Author, Rebecca Doody

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Buying guides | 2 years ago

Originally from Somerset, Rebecca is our resident copywriter who takes care of all things product related. Rebecca loves the modern interior style with both neutral and bold influences to create a statement look.

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