Making great use of your wall space, column radiators are a stylish solution to your bathroom heating needs. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at 5 stylish column radiators, that’ll bring beauty and radiance to your interiors.

The first, and obvious, question to ask is why am I writing about radiators in the middle of April? Well, if the “Beast from the East” taught us anything, it’s that the great British weather is completely unpredictable. Warmer weather may be on its way, but even in the middle of summer, things can often be a little chilly in this sceptred isle. Plus, if you think about it, summer is the perfect time to upgrade your bathroom heating, as your central heating system will most likely be switched off.

Why choose a column radiator?

Column radiators are fast becoming the heating of choice in bathrooms and homes up and down the country. Unlike the more traditional type of radiator which is most commonly horizontal with a continuous panel, column radiators look infinitely more stylish, use your wall space more efficiently and provide the same BTU output.

To help you choose the right design for your décor, we’ve picked out 5 fabulous column radiators that will transform your interiors, for a bathroom that is hot, hot, hot.

On-trend and on your wall

Gone are the days of boring, functional white radiators. Say hello to a new era of on-trend designs and intriguing finishes that complement your décor, rather than standing out like a sore thumb.

Mode Tate vertical radiator

This gorgeous Tate radiator from Mode Bathrooms comes with a grey anthracite finish that is suitable for use with a whole range of contemporary styles, including monochrome colour schemes and neutral palettes.

Perfect for your bathroom, kitchen and just about any room in your home, there’s even a choice of single or double radiators, depending on the punch it needs to pack.

Handy hint: Find out how to calculate your required BTU output.

Classic columns

Whilst contemporary colours and finishes suit a more modern style of bathroom, what about those who prefer a traditional look? Well, luckily for you, we’ve already thought of that one.

The Heating Co. Dulwich vertical white double column radiator

This classic column radiator from The Bath Co. is just the ticket, harking back to a golden era of interior design. Made from mild steel, it features a white powder-coated finish, with pristine white columns that suit both contemporary and vintage bathrooms alike.

Part of the elegant Dulwich collection, it looks even more at home when paired with a matching bathroom suite.

Designer style at the double

Terma Tune matt nickel double horizontal radiator 600 x 590

How’s this for a sumptuous style? Designed and produced by Terma, one of the world leaders in sculpted heating products, this column radiator is the perfect choice if you're looking for something just that little bit special. Sculpted and shaped using sophisticated manufacturing techniques like 3-D laser cutting, the incredibly slim and delicate columns are perfectly formed without any weakening of the metal.

Treated with Oxsilian anti-rust protection, column radiators from Terma are guaranteed to last. Discover more about the designer range of heating from Terma.

Regal rails

Column radiators may be great for heating up your room, but when it comes to warming your towels, it could be time to return to the drawing board. Throw in a traditional room design and your choice of suitable heating can be very limited indeed. That’s where this stunning traditional style column radiator comes into its own.

The Bath Co. Dulwich traditional radiator 952 x 659

From The Bath Co., the home of timeless, traditional design, this stunning radiator combines period elegance with simple yet effective functionality. The white enamel columns are accompanied by a metal rail, upon which you can hang multiple towels.

Clean, modern lines

Yet more incredible design from Terma, the Delfin radiator is the ideal choice for undersill installations, making great use of space whilst looking modern and stylish.

Terma Delfin soft white horizontal radiator 540 x 1220

Made from mild steel, with a painted white finish, the curved pipework has been achieved using advanced manufacturing techniques developed and perfected by Terma. As with all Terma radiators, the materials remain strong despite being twisted into such exquisite designs. Choose from a range of different sizes and BTU outputs to suit your requirements.

Shop column radiators

For an even wider choice, why not browse our full range of column radiators and discover the right model for your home. For a more designer look, check out some of the incredible column radiators from Terma.