When it comes to designing a cloakroom, making the most of the space is usually one of the top concerns.

With its clever space-efficient design, a corner basin can provide the solution. This guide will give you a brief introduction to corner basins, and how one could work in your bathroom.

What is a corner basin?

A corner basin is specifically designed to fit into a 90° corner of your bathroom, so it projects diagonally out. This means it’s more accessible in a smaller space, and helps the bathroom feel less cluttered.

A corner basin is designed to be as compact as possible and is an ideal space solution when a bathroom doesn’t have a lot of floor space.

It works in the same way as a full pedestal basin, and can be installed easily in the same way, though the waste and water inlets will need to be nearer the wall.

What type of bathroom is a corner basin suitable for?

Though corner basins are designed with cloakrooms in mind, they are suitable for any smaller bathroom where making the best use of space is important. As well as being space-efficient, a corner basin also looks fantastic, with a distinctive contemporary style of its own.

The ideal counterpart for a corner basin is the corner toilet, giving the perfect cloakroom suite, or a space-saving solution in a smaller bathroom or ensuite.

Corner basins at VictoriaPlum.com

The Palm corner basin is a contemporary and stylish basin that’s ideal for a cloakroom or smaller bathroom, with a single tap hole for your choice of mixer tap. The Palm range also includes a matching corner toilet to complete the suite.

Palm corner basin and pedestal

The Palm corner basin. A great space-saving solution

If a full pedestal version doesn't suit your needs, the Compact corner wall mounted basin is ideal. Keeping your floorspace clear, this basin features a highly contemporary design and will certainly make the most of your space in a cloakroom or ensuite. There is also a full pedestal version and matching toilet available.

Compact corner wall mounted basin

Perfect for cloakrooms and ensuites, the Compact corner wall mounted basin has a projection of just 450mm

Bathroom corner unit

If you need a little extra storage in your bathroom, why not consider one of our bathroom corner units? With a basin and an undersink storage cabinet, it'll use your space extremely efficiently.

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