One of the key issues in homes throughout the UK is a lack of space. As we celebrate The Great British Bathroom, we’ll show you how fitted furniture can enhance your storage space and just how easy it is to fit.

If you’ve ever had a kitchen fitted, you’ll probably understand how fitted furniture works, with a range of different yet coordinated units that serve a vital purpose. Over the years, designers have met the challenges of today’s modern home by adding space-saving solutions to these units, allowing homeowners to store items easier and more efficiently.

With all these space-saving innovations, it’s hardly surprising that many of us are turning to fitted furniture in other areas of the home, including the bathroom.

What is fitted bathroom furniture?

A fitted bathroom usually contains a variety of coordinated storage units producing a single, uninterrupted run of furniture, with at least some of the following elements:

  • Back to wall toilet and unit with concealed cistern
  • Cupboards
  • Drawers
  • Mirror cabinet
  • Plinth
  • Tall storage unit
  • Wall hung cupboards
  • Worktop
  • Vanity unit with basin and undersink cupboard or drawers

The number and type of units you purchase will all depend upon your available space and layout. To find out more about this subject, read our fitted bathroom furniture buying guide.

Nouvel gloss grey fitted bathroom furniture

What are the benefits of fitted bathroom furniture?

The benefits of fitted bathroom furniture are clear to see:

  • Sleek, coordinated appearance with all plumbing discreetly hidden
  • Plenty of storage and efficient use of space
  • Flexibility—you choose which units and elements you require
  • Low maintenance—your bathroom is easier to clean with fewer recesses, corners and awkward obstructions.
  • Can use a single wall or be extended into an L shape to use 2 walls

Newbury white fitted furniture

How easy is it to install fitted bathroom furniture?

Whilst we would thoroughly recommend hiring a qualified trade professional to plumb your new bathroom, you could save time and money by installing your fitted bathroom furniture yourself.

Depending on how confident you are with more complex DIY tasks, fitted bathroom furniture is relatively straightforward when compared to fitting a kitchen.

Check out our video to see just how easy it is and follow the step-by-step instructions below.

How to install fitted bathroom furniture

Here’s how to install fitted bathroom furniture.

  1. Start by unpacking all of your units and giving everything the once over.

  2. Fit the legs to each unit using the screws provided.

  3. Once you've decided on the position of your units, check they're level. Adjust the legs as needed using the largest unit as a guide.

  4. It's a good idea to fix your largest unit to the wall now. Mark the position of the holes and move it away from the wall.

  5. Drill screw holes in the wall using necessary safety equipment.

  6. Tap in wall plugs and place the unit back into position, screwing it into place.

  7. To secure the units to each other, remove doors and hinges first. This is to allow for potentially unsightly screws to be concealed.

  8. Your screws need to be less than the width of both units at the join. You can also use a clamp to help with this.

  9. Now replace doors and hinges and ensure everything is still level.

  10. Fit any wall hung furniture using the instructions provided.

  11. To fit the plinth, use a mitre saw to cut to size (a fine blade will produce a much neater cut).

  12. If your units do not reach the wall, cut extra pieces with mitre joints to cover the gaps at either side.

  13. For the worktop, measure the required length and cut to size. The recessed basin will cover any joins.

  14. Remember to seal any cuts to keep out moisture.

  15. Fix the worktop in position and fit the basin.

Congratulations, you've now installed your fitted bathroom furniture.

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If you’ve been inspired to choose fitted furniture for your bathroom, why not check out all our fitted bathroom furniture by clicking on the image below.

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Read before you buy

Discover more in-depth information on fitted bathroom furniture by reading our expert buying guide and check out The Great British Bathroom for fresh inspiration.


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