When it comes to your bathroom, the things that seem like the hardest work are often the easiest. If you’ve got the look and style already set out in your mind, but are still a little stumped what to do with your plumbing, then don’t worry.

Here are some great little suggestions for design elements that you can incorporate into your new bathroom to help create the look and feel you want, without unsightly plumbing.

Box in the pipework

Creating a box around your pipes is a very simple but effective way of covering up your unwanted pipes. This can be done using a variety of materials and can either blend in with your colour scheme or be made to stand out. Fitting a small box can be done by you with minimal carpentry skills required.

If your pipes are running along the floor, your box can even be repurposed into a shelf to store bathroom essentials on.

Montana Counter Top Basin

A counter top basin and vanity unit is another clever way of hiding your plumbing

Fake walls

In some cases it’s not possible to box in all the pipes on show in your bathroom, and when major structural work is not an option a fake wall could do the trick. Building a plasterboard wall in front of the existing wall will be the most cost effective plan.

In this instance, it’s best that you hire a builder to construct the wall and also a plumber to make sure your toilet or basin will fit into place. Whilst you're at it, it also pays to waterproof your bathroom at the same time.


If you already have your basin installed and don’t want to purchase any new features for your bathroom, you can always decorate your piping. Try buying something such as a few plastic flowers that you can wind around them.

A pedestal basin

A pedestal basin or even a semi pedestal basin are both great at hiding unsightly pipework. However, a wall hung basin can also be a good solution, with a range of beautifully designed bottle traps available that make a feature out of your plumbing.

Cavendish 600mm 2TH Basin and Pedestal

Keep your pipework concealed with the traditional style Cavendish basin

If you’ve found a clever way to hide, or even accentuate the plumbing in your bathroom, we want to see it. Tweet us a pic @VictoriaPlumUK using the hashtag #PlumbingPerfection.