Want to see some of our stunning bathrooms for yourself?

After an absence of 2 years, VictoriaPlum.com will be present at the Ideal Home Show at London Olympia from Saturday 17th March to Monday 2nd April. In partnership with Good Homes Magazine, we'll be demonstrating 3 different and inspirational bathroom designs that capture the very essence of modern interior style.

We'll be there every single day of the 17 day show, so why not pop by and chat with us about our inspirational bathroom sets?

Our bathroom sets

The 3 bathroom sets you'll be able to see on display are:

To find out more about any of these styles, click on the links above.

Oriental Spa

Check out our Oriental Spa bathroom for yourself at the Ideal Home Show 2018

The Ideal Home Show

VictoriaPlum.com first made an appearance at the Ideal Home Show back in 2015, but the show itself has been inspiring UK homeowners for a lot longer than that!

Believe it or not, but the first Ideal Home Exhibition was held at London Olympia way back in 1908. Taking a workforce of over 3,000 to build, the idea of the exhibition was to demonstrate everything associated with the concept of an "ideal home", including innovations and new housing designs.

Suspended throughout the war years, the exhibition finally returned in 1947, and by 1957 visitor numbers had grown to around 1.5 million.

In more recent times, the exhibition was renamed "The Ideal Home Show" and has gone from strength-to-strength with celebrities and experts such as Phil Spencer, Martin Lewis and Sophie Robinson making an appearance at this year's show.

Soft Industrial

Discover how a Soft Industrial bathroom can work for you at the Ideal Home Show 2018

See our inspiring bathrooms in person

If you'd like tickets for this event, head to the Ideal Home Show 2018 website where they can be purchased in advance. We hope to see you there!