If you've never come across wenge before (pronounced “wen-geh”), you’re in good company!

Wenge is a relatively unknown type of wood finish for furniture and when it comes to the bathroom, but it’s making a breakthrough as an accent colour. From the Millettia laurentii tree found in Central Africa, this is a tropical timber that is very dark in colour. It has been described as “nearly black” or even as “espresso”.

Of course, most bathrooms come in a traditional white finish, but a wenge finish can really complement and accentuate the rest of your suite, giving a classy dark and light design.

At VictoriaPlum.com, we have extensive ranges of bathroom furniture which feature wenge, as well as other dark wood finishes, including bath panels, mirrors, vanity units, toilet units and both floor mounted and wall hung bathroom cabinets.

Top tips

Here are our top tips for using darker wood or wenge in your bathroom:

  • Your bath makes up one of the largest surface areas of any item in your bathroom. Add a new wenge bath panel to your existing bath, to provide contrast.
  • Add a wall hung mirror cabinet such as the Odessa Wenge 3 door mirror cabinet. This not only adds to the overall theme of your bathroom, but provides both light and much needed storage space for toiletries.
  • Add dark-coloured accessories such as vases, flowers or towels, to accentuate the light and dark aspects of your bathroom.

Dark wood furniture

If you're looking for matching bathroom furniture with a darker wood finish, why not check out one of the following ranges on sale at VictoriaPlum.com:

Drift essen bathroom furniture

The Drift essen furniture range features a range of matching storage, vanity units and mirror cabinets in a beautiful dark grey finish.

Not only will you find great options when it comes to vanity units and cabinets, but you will also find slimline bathroom storage, for use where space is tight.