If there's one thing I love writing about, it's the interior design trends that are predicted to be big for the year, or even season, ahead. Some of these, invariably, tend to get recycled every few years and opulence is definitely one of these trends.

Opulence has been a trend to watch for the past couple of years, both in interiors and on the catwalk, but it's certainly set to make a big impact this year.

Opulence home interiors

Rich, metallic colours work well with this trend

At VictoriaPlum.com, we love interpreting trends to suit your bathrooms and bedroom, so this post will help show you how to add a little opulence to your interior style.


Brocades, jacquards and damasks are the fabrics to fill your rooms with this year. If you can combine these with gold or silver, you're onto a winner. Filling your bedroom with cushions in these colours and patterns is a really simple but effective way to ease into the opulent trend.


When it comes to colours, what could be more opulent than gold? So it comes as no surprise that this is the suggested colour for your accessories. If you're "going for gold", make sure you don't take it to the extreme, covering every wall in gold paint and getting as many gold accessories as you can. The key to this opulent trend is subtlety, so an element of gold is perfect.

[Pure white wave gloss tile 248mm x 498mm]

Textured tiles can add an extra dimension to your decor


Another key element of this trend is the mixture of textures, with a combination of matte, gloss and maybe even tactile surfaces an easy way to achieve the look. Our range of textured tiles would be the perfect option for your bathroom and walnut furniture would be a great way to start to add this trend to your bedroom.

What do you think of the opulence trend? Will you be adding elements to your home? Let us know by leaving a comment below...