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Plastic or wood? Which toilet seat do you prefer?

Plastic or wood? Which toilet seat do you prefer?

Posted by Adam Chard in Inspiration | 5 years ago 4 min read

An unassuming and unsung hero as far as your bathroom is concerned, the humble toilet seat is better known for its functionality rather than its appearance.

As each and every element of bathroom design comes under increasing scrutiny, choosing the right toilet seat has become an even more important decision.

Opening and closing thousands of times a year, toilet seats are now available in an ever-increasing choice of materials and designs, to provide maximum comfort and a greater degree of durability.

So if you're planning on adding the crowning glory to your "throne", read on, as we explain the things you'll need to consider when picking the right toilet seat for you and your bathroom.

Which material "wood" you prefer?

The main options are wood or plastic. With a plastic seat there is the opportunity to pick from an array of different designs including luxury soft close seats. The main issue with plastic, however, is that it can be cold to the touch, especially during the winter, but even throughout the summer.

The main types of plastic used for toilet seats are Thermoplastic and Thermoset. Without going into too much detail, Thermoplastics can be heated and remoulded time and time again, Thermoset plastics can only be heated and moulded once. Thermoset is more scratch resistant than Thermoplastic, meaning it will cost a little more. However, both plastics are very durable and should last you many, many years of use—and let's face it, you WILL use your toilet seat on a very regular basis!

Whilst wood may be less resistant to wear and tear, treated well, it will provide you with a much warmer seat and will finish off the look and style of your bathroom brilliantly—especially where you are looking to create a more traditional design.

Oak wooden toilet seat

The classic Oak wooden toilet seat

Choosing the correct style

With a focus on the look, it is important that the correct seat is picked in terms of design of the room. While a wooden toilet seat with a specific finish may look pleasing to the eye once purchased, when the seat arrives the differing design of everything else in the bathroom will be emphasised. So make sure it matches your existing colour scheme.

Choosing a soft close toilet seat is also becoming a more popular option with consumers. A toilet seat with a slower closing function eliminates wear and tear and potential injury when used by small children (slammed fingers), plus it diminishes that irritating noise echoing throughout the house late at night.

Deluxe 105 thermoset anti scratch soft close toilet seat

Hardwearing and durable—The Deluxe 105 thermoset anti-scratch soft close toilet seat.

Get the right shape

Toilets these days come in varying shapes and designs, so you do need to ensure that the shape and size of the toilet seat are both correct before purchasing. At Victoria Plum, we stock a wide range of toilet seats sizes, but, if in doubt, check out our latest blog post: Are toilet seats a standard size?

Different fitting. Better sitting

You will find that there are two main fitting options for toilet seats: top fixing and bottom fixing.

The top fixing option basically consists of a cross head bolt through a rubber-coated expanding sleeve with a nut at the bottom.  When the nut tightens up, it expands the sleeve and anchors it to the inside of the pan.

The bottom fixing option has a fixed housing/cover with a thread that goes into the pan. There is also a nut and a clamp that needs to be tightened from the underside. If not cared for, the bottom fixing system can cause problems when you go to replace it. Over time, the nut can seize up and as it's positioned beneath the pan, it can be very frustrating to release. In a worst-case scenario, you may have to cut the thread with a hacksaw.

So, you may be surprised that for such a functional item, there are so many things to think about when it comes to choosing a new toilet seat! But, armed with all the info you have read today, you should easily be able to make the right choice for your loo!

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Author, Adam Chard

Posted by Adam Chard in Inspiration | 5 years ago

A born & raised West Countryman, now living on the Yorkshire Coast, for over 10 years Adam has been bringing home interior ideas to life at Victoria Plum. Adam’s favourite interior styles have been shaped by both urban and natural influences.

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