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Get the Look: A bathroom fit for a queen
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Get the Look: A bathroom fit for a queen

Posted by Ruth Foster in Style guides | 2 years ago 8 min read

To celebrate Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne, we’ve designed a truly regal bathroom fit for a queen. Find out how to “Get the Look” in your own home too.

Throughout history, bathrooms have long figured in the lives of our royal family. Indeed, as we found out, when compiling our own history of the toilet, Queen Elizabeth I was believed to have been the first person in England to own a flushing toilet in 1596. In fact, for a long time, only the super-rich, like the ruling elite, could afford the little luxuries we now take for granted.

4 centuries on and bathroom technology has come a long way since the days of palace privies and water closets. Domestic plumbing means most of us in the UK now enjoy the convenience of hot and cold running water and pipes, carrying waste away to the sewers—something our Elizabethan ancestors could only dream of!

To celebrate our own Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years of service, we decided to design a bathroom worthy of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations. And, what’s even better, is that we’ll show you how to recreate this regal retreat in your own home. We hope it proves you don’t have to live in a castle, or even be royalty, to enjoy a palatial bathroom.

A bathroom fit for a queen—overhead view

Did you know? The Groom of the Stool (later Stole) was a servant who used to assist the reigning king with his toilet needs (a similar female servant was employed for queens). A member of the Privy Chamber, they held much sway in the Royal Court, as they had unencumbered access to the monarch and were implicitly trusted to help with some of his or her most private activities. Despite Queen Victoria not employing the services of such a servant, the role only officially ended in 1901.

Inspiration for our royal bathroom

First off, you might wonder where we drew the inspiration for our royal bathroom? Well, much like the Queen herself, we felt the style should be time-honoured and classic—representing a reassuring constant in all our lives—yet with a modern, forward-thinking edge.

In terms of colours, textures and patterns, we went with tradition. Opulent, yet understated. Dignified and delightful, never bold or garish. To get a better idea of the type of bathroom we’re looking to create, take a look at the mood board below.

A bathroom fit for a queen mood board

Did you know? Out of the 775 rooms within Buckingham Palace, 78 are bathrooms. That’s a lot of royal flushes!

What is the look?

For our royal bathroom, we’ve imagined a truly luxurious layout in which space is no issue. This palatial retreat contains all the essentials a hard-working queen would expect, including a sumptuous high level toilet, walk in shower enclosure, vanity unit and, the pièce de résistance, a stunning roll top bath taking centre stage.

To create a sense of relaxation, colours are muted with a neutral palette throughout. Rustic wood and marble offer organic touches, adding to the sense of peace and tranquillity. Greys and lustrous finishes give a subtle nod to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

A bathroom fit for a queen

Which products did we choose?

The Bath Co. Stirling pewter lustre cast iron bath

Did you know? The Queen is, amongst many things, the Sovereign of the Order of the Bath? The Most Honourable Order of the Bath is an order of chivalry, founded by King George I. The name derives from the medieval ceremony in which knights would be appointed, which involved bathing as part of the ritual—a symbolic form of spiritual purification—hence the name.

So, for the head of such a prestigious order, only a truly regal bath would do. We selected the Stirling pewter lustre cast iron bath from The Bath Co. A made-to-order product, this traditional double ended slipper bath features classic lines and a hand-polished exterior which, with its pewter lustre, is perfect for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The soft roll top edge makes getting in and out of the bath a far more comfortable experience, while the vitreous enamel interior is both beautiful and durable.

Mode Tate freestanding bath filler tap

This classic design has been given a contemporary twist, keeping up with the demands of today’s modern world. Cross head handles are tried and tested, but the design has been stripped of anything overly elaborate, offering simplicity and style. The hand-polished finish and solid brass construction means durability and longevity are assured, while the separate handles allow water to be mixed for the perfect temperature.

The Bath Co. Stirling pewter lustre cast iron bath

The Bath Co. Dalston floorstanding vanity unit and white marble basin

One of the most luxurious materials when it comes to creating a regal bathroom and, even if it’s just a countertop, genuine marble suggests absolute opulence. With this luxury vanity unit, you can enjoy all the rustic charm of a countryside retreat, like Balmoral or Sandringham, with the dark wood finish. With 4 drawers and cupboard space, there’s plenty of room to stow away all those bathroom essentials, like towels and toiletries.

The Bath Co. Camberley lever basin mixer tap

We’ve combined with these traditional lever taps. Easy to grip and operate, ceramic cartridges ensure a good flow rate and cut the risk of drips or leaks forming.

The Bath Co. Dalston floorstanding vanity unit and white marble basin 900mm

The Bath Co. Camberley high level toilet with grey soft close seat

Without wanting to sound too vulgar, a royal bathroom needs a suitable throne! This high level toilet comes with all the charm and character such a stunning room deserves. A design classic in its truest sense, the high level toilet comes with ornate wall brackets and a satisfying chain pull flush, complete with satin grey painted soft close seat. Even if you aren’t blessed with cavernous ceilings, the flush pipe can be cut to size so the top of the cistern can be as low as 1680mm from the floor.

The Bath Co. Camberley high level toilet with grey soft close seat

The Bath Co. Camberley concealed thermostatic mixer shower with wall arm and slider rail

Recalling the Art Deco designs of the early 20th century, around the time a young Princess Elizabeth was born, this statement shower set is perfect for those quick changes and early morning starts. Featuring a gorgeous, looped wall arm and generous 200mm head for a rain shower effect, one can even switch to the adjustable handset for more focused cleansing, if one chooses. The wall valve operates both outlets simultaneously, meaning both can be used, giving the bathroom a clean and unobtrusive look, when compared to exposed valves.

Mode Burton 8mm wet room glass panel with overhead support bar

This premium wet room glass panel and low profile shower tray offer easy, unrestricted access. Complete with support bar and easy clean, 8mm safety glass, maintenance is simple, allowing light to flood the space and keeping things feeling open plan and spacious.

Accents Beaumont bathroom mirror

Keeping with the Art Deco theme, which Her Majesty would no doubt be familiar with from her childhood years, we’ve accessorised with this gorgeous bevelled edged mirror. This stunning design helps to reflect light around the room, enhancing the sense of space.

Accents Beaumont bathroom mirror 760 x 760mm

Did you know? Speaking of baths, it is said that Queen Victoria shunned the City of Bath after a resident commented on the thickness of her ankles on a visit in 1830. During her reign, she never returned and there is even a suggestion she would ask for the blinds to be lowered if travelling past the city by train.

Get the Look in your own home

As promised, you don’t need to live in a palace to achieve a luxurious, regal bathroom. We’ve shrunk our super-sized space down to something a little more realistic, to show you how to “Get the Look” in your own home.

A royal family bathroom

In our smaller version of a “bathroom fit for a queen”, we’ve dispensed with the showering space to put the roll top tub firmly centre stage. This will provide you with an elegant bathing experience anytime you like. Combining storage with style, the spacious vanity unit provides plenty of room for all those essentials whilst the low level toilet adds yet another classic touch to the overall setting, without intruding on wall space too much.

A royal family bathroom

Top tips:

  • Wood effect flooring is more cost-effective and easier to clean than the genuine article
  • Consider traditional décor with cornices and mouldings
  • Organic materials like wood and marble give a more relaxed yet opulent feel
  • Choose accessories that give meaning to your space, reflecting your own tastes and interests

A royal family bathroom—overhead view

A commanding cloakroom

With just a few aristocratic touches, you can easily elevate your traditional downstairs toilet to something truly majestic. We’ve kept things simple yet splendid with a traditional close coupled toilet and gorgeous, slimline, Victorian style radiator. With a nod to contemporary trends, we’ve fitted a stylish countertop basin and shelf complete with luxurious wall mounted taps.

A commanding cloakroom

Top tips

  • Keep your floor space free with a wall mounted basin or vanity unit
  • Traditional wall panelling can be used to lift traditional décor
  • Ensure there is a handy hanging space for hand towels

A commanding cloakroom—overhead view

I hope this has provided you with all the inspiration you’d ever desire to create your own bathroom fit for a queen. Even if it’s the size of a postage stamp (with your head on it, of course!), a small bathroom can be transformed into one that’s fit for the ruler of the realm.

Get the Look

If this most majestic of bathrooms has left you wanting more, discover our full range of “Get the Look” style guides, showing you how to create a style that suits. From traditional themes to on-trend designs, you’re bound to find a look you love.

Simply click on the image below for all the inspiration you’ll need.

Get the Look bathroom style guides

Author, Ruth Foster

Posted by Ruth Foster in Style guides | 2 years ago

As our resident Interior Designer, Ruth is passionate about home-related trends and loves light, airy interiors shaped by organic forms and colours. With a background in textiles for interiors, she is studying for a masters in interior design.

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