Our range of shower bath screens allows you to complete the look of your bath with a stylish and practical feature.

They keep water where it’s supposed to be, protecting the rest of your bathroom from splashes, and they can also include useful extra features such as handles to make life that little bit easier. This guide will give you a brief introduction to bath screens, and an overview of the range available at VictoriaPlum.com.

Types of bath screen

Single screen

This is one of the most popular styles of screen, and simply involves a single pane of glass, that’s usually moveable via a hinge for easy access and cleaning. There is a wide range of designs available, including curved screens for shower baths, and elegantly cut shapes for a stylish look.

Double screen

This style features a hinge in the centre of the screen, so it can be opened in a number of ways for easier accessibility.

Foldaway screen

A foldaway shower screen features several narrow, vertical panes connected with hinges, so it can be easily folded up into a narrow shape when not in use. It is particularly useful for parents with small children, giving you easy access at bathtime.

Overbath Enclosure

This style of screen can completely or partially enclose your bath, protecting the shower area from the rest of your bathroom, removing the risk of splashing water everywhere.

Many of our baths have screens specifically designed for them, so always check the full specifications tab of your chosen product to see which one you need.

Glass thickness

You’ll notice different bath screens have different glass thicknesses, ranging from 3mm to 8mm. The thicker screens are naturally heavier, but the choice really comes down to your personal preference. Thicker glass tends to create a more quality and luxurious feel, but they all function just as well.

Extras and accessories

Many designs of bath screen feature useful extras such as towel rails and shelves, giving you added convenience and functionality.

The Evesham shower bath screen is specifically designed to work with the Evesham bath, and has the added convenience of a rail so you’ll always have a towel within easy reach.

This luxury bath screen features a section with elegant glass shelves and a curved single pane, so you can keep all your showering essentials close at hand.