If you suffer from low water pressure in your home, you'll certainly be familiar with the tell-tale signs.

A weak flow from your taps and a slow-filling bath can be real irritations, but, if you are the type of person who enjoys a refreshing and invigorating shower, a dribble, rather than a gushing torrent, can make for a disappointing start to the day.

But never fear. A shower pump could be the solution to your needs.

What is a shower pump?

A shower pump can be fitted to your water system to improve the flow rate of water in your home. The name can be slightly misleading. Whilst in most cases a pump is added to simply improve the flow of your shower, a shower pump can also be used to improve the flow to your whole bathroom or even all areas of your home.

How do I know if I need a shower pump?

It is more than likely that you have already identified the need for a pump, as your water pressure is low. However, there is a simple way to test your flow rate, and you can find out how to do this by visiting our article on understanding water pressure.

Which shower pump should I choose?

The type of shower pump you will need depends on the type of water system you have. To identify your water system, head to our article Do I need a shower pump?, where we've supplied a handy infographic.

If you have a gravity fed system, you will also need to find out whether you have a positive or negative head system. Again, a handy infographic on our Do I need a shower pump? page will help you work this out.

Once you have worked out which system you have, you can then choose the right shower pump for your needs.

Types of shower pump

CT range

Designed specifically for use with gravity fed systems, the CT shower pump is a no compromise, economy pump that will boost both the hot and cold water flow in your home.

The Salamander CT50 twin impeller shower pump 1.5 bar is suitable for use, if you are looking to improve the flow rate of a single, small shower, with a pressure of 1.5 bar.

The Salamander ct60 1.8 universal twin shower pump provides a pressure of 1.8 bar and is great for improving water flow in a whole bathroom with shower. This pump is universal, meaning it is suitable for both positive and negative head systems, although the Salamander ct60 1.8 twin shower pump is more cost efficient if you are buying solely for a positive head system.

RHP & ESP ranges

The RHP & ESP shower pump ranges have been designed using the latest technology to ensure they are some of the quietest and most flow-efficient pumps available. Suitable for gravity fed water systems, the RHP range is solely for use with positive head systems, whilst the ESP range is universal, meaning it can be used with positive or negative head systems.

Where you only want to improve the water flow from a single shower or a small bathroom with a shower, the Salamander rhp 50 1.5 bar twin shower pump is a great option, or go for the Salamander esp50 1.5 twin shower pump if you have a negative head system.

However, if you are looking to improve the flow to a larger bathroom, or multiple showers, the Salamander rhp 75 2.25 bar twin shower pump is your best bet. For a negative head system, choose the Salamander esp75 2.2 twin shower pump.

Finally, for bathrooms where you have multiple outlets all running simultaneously (for example body jets), the Salamander rhp 100 3.3 bar twin shower pump is the ideal choice. Opt for the Salamander esp100 3.0 twin shower pump if you have a negative head system.

Splash slider rail kit

Make sure your shower is as powerful as it should be

Recommended shower pumps

To help you choose, we've provided a table below showing some of our most popular showers and the pumps you can use with them:

Turn your shower into a power shower

What can I do if I have a combi boiler water system?

Typically, combi boiler systems are found in modern properties and won't require additional pressure for a good flow rate. However, if your mains water pressure is poor or you have a shower with multiple outlets, you may want to invest in a whole house pump. If you're looking for a shower for a combi boiler contact us to find out more.

What can I do if I have an unvented water system?

Again, in most cases, you will find the water pressure should be sufficient for all your needs. However, if you do feel you need extra pressure, please contact us for further advice.

Just one note, please ensure you hire a qualified professional if you are thinking of any electrical shower installation.

Why choose Salamander shower pumps?

All our shower pumps are supplied by one of the top market leaders in the UK, Salamander.

There are some simple reasons why we have chosen to partner with Salamander to supply our shower pumps:

  • Over 25 years' experience manufacturing shower pumps
  • Comprehensive range of superior shower pumps for all systems and requirements
  • ISO9001 compliance ensures outstanding quality - all pumps tested for leaks or defects
  • Developing technology to create some of the quietest and most flow-efficient pumps on the market
  • Competitive prices and tremendous value for money
  • 90% of all components manufactured in the UK - great supporter of British industry

Visit our shower pump section to make sure your shower experience is as good as it can be.