Whilst many of us feel our main bathroom is very small, you’ll most likely find that it falls well within the average size for a bathroom here in the UK.

Where your bathroom is likely to differ from the millions you’ll find up and down the country, is in terms of its layout. A window here, an alcove there and suddenly finding room in your bathroom is a lot trickier.

Thankfully, there are now many bathroom cabinets that are specifically designed to maximise the space in a small bathroom. Here at VictoriaPlum.com, we understand the everyday issues and space constraints you face in your homes. That’s why we challenge our designers to come up with clever solutions to these problems.

So here are 3 everyday issues our customers have told us about and how they can be solved:

I’ve got nowhere to store my towels

Solution: You can make great use of your bathroom with a linen basket. The Sienna white linen basket, for example, is just 300mm in both width and projection, and contains a wire basket for easy access. If it’s just a small amount of towels you need to store, why not get a towel shelf from our Options range of bathroom accessories? This can be mounted on the wall, keeping towels neatly stored away but also ready for use. There are also traditional and contemporary designs to choose from, to suit any style of bathroom.

Sienna white linen basket 300

Store it in style, with the Sienna white linen basket

It’s difficult to keep the floor clean and tidy around my basin

Solution: Keep your floorspace clear with a wall hung vanity unit. Not only will this make it easier to clean, but it will provide you with some much needed storage in the form of a handy drawer, or set of drawers, depending on the unit you choose. The Planet white furniture range contains a range of wall hung vanity units, of varying width, that are designed with a short projection of 450mm. As opposed to a floor standing vanity unit, wall hung versions also allow you to stand closer to your sink.

Planet white wall hung vanity drawer unit and basin 600mm

With a vibrant, contemporary design, the Planet white wall hung vanity unit helps keep your floorspace clear

I’ve got a long, thin cloakroom, so there’s very little space for anything

Solution: The Compact unit and basin has been designed specifically with cloakrooms and tight spaces in mind, providing slimline bathroom storage just where you need it.

With a projection of just 250mm, it is ideal for rooms where space is at a premium and you can choose between light or dark finishes. To further make use of space, there is also a corner unit and basin.

Compact Unit White & Basin

You'll find a wide range of short projection, compact cloakroom furniture at VictoriaPlum.com