For luxury you can afford, we proudly introduce to you the Chime range of shower riser rail kits, exclusive to

Flexible showering

The key feature of this innovative range is the option to switch between an overhead and handheld shower. You can enjoy an invigorating and refreshing drench beneath the overhead shower and then, with the turn of a knob, change to the handheld shower for more focused cleansing. This can be especially useful for hair washing.

The overhead showers are also easily height and angle adjustable. They are especially suited to those with busy lifestyles who require flexibility, without compromising on style.

Clever storage, simple installation

Another fantastic feature of this shower riser kit range is the integrated storage shelf, providing plenty of space for your showering essentials. This eliminates the need for any further drilling into your tiling to add a further shelf or rack - perfect for smaller bathrooms or loft conversions, where storage is at a premium.

Installation is simple as all valve parts are external to the wall and easy clean silicone nozzles means you spend less time maintaining the look and performance of your shower.

Incredible price

The final and most important feature is the incredibly low price. Starting at just £159.99, we’re confident you won’t find a better price for this type of shower anywhere else. What’s more, this range is exclusive to

Product Options

The Chime range is available in the following options:

Chime Oval Black Riser Rail Kit

chime oval black riser kit

Chime Oval White Riser Rail Kit

chime oval white raiser rail

The two oval models feature more rounded heads on both the overhead and handheld showers. There is the choice of either black or white powder-coated shelf with chrome face plates. Both showers are also coloured either black or white to provide a pleasing and continuous look.

Chime Cubic White Riser Rail Kit with Shelf

chime cubic white riser rail with shelf

Cubic, as the name suggests, features a more angular design throughout the appliance, with square diverter knobs a prominent feature, sat above the white powder-coated shelf with chrome face plates.

Chime Stainless Steel Riser Rail Kit with Shelf

Chime Stainless Steel Riser Rail Kit with Shelf

Chime Cubic White Riser Rail Kit with Shelf

Striking a chord: The Chime shower range provides affordable luxury

If you are looking to go even more upmarket, the stainless steel model will provide a quality, sparkling appearance that is super-easy to maintain. With a chrome-plated shelf and stainless steel overhead shower, the dazzling finish is continuous throughout the whole unit.

For flexible, luxurious showering at an unbeatable price, choose the exclusive Chime range.

All prices correct at time of publication.