The wind blew as 'twad blawn its last; The rattling showers rose on the blast. - Tam O'Shanter by Robbie Burns.

What is Burns Night?

The life of Scottish poet Robbie Burns is celebrated annually on his birthday, 25th January, and is commonly known as Burns Night. It's an evening full of tradition, ceremony and speeches, normally accompanied by a meal and a few good glasses of whisky, with the highlight being "the piping of the haggis".

Whilst this event used to be confined to just Scotland, Northern Ireland and Scottish ex-pat communities, over the years its popularity has grown, with celebrations taking place, not just throughout the UK, but also in other parts of the world. Much like St Patrick's Day, you will find anyone with a vague Scottish connection, and plenty without, taking this opportunity to celebrate with their friends.

In fact, the event has grown so popular that, in 2015 discount supermarket chain Lidl started offering cut price Burns Night clothing, including kilts!

Of course, when Robbie spoke of showers in the excerpt above, he wasn't referring to bathrooms! So in our own little tribute to this celebration, we've looked at a few ways of adding some Scottish touches to your bathroom.

1. Bring a splash of fun to bath time with these Glencoe bath mats and towels

With tartan and stag designs, it's a quick and easy way to add some playful Scottishness to your bathroom.

Tartan Bath Mat

Stag bath mat

2. Add some prickly character with a thistle bouquet

Gather together all those plants and shrubs that evoke Scotland, with both heather and thistles working well. What could be better than all those lovely purples and greens? But be careful handling it - you don't want to get "jagged"!

Thistle floral design


3. Get yourself in a lather with Scottish ingredients

You'd probably be more likely to associate Scots oats with breakfast time and porridge, but thanks to, you can now scrub yourself clean with such ingredients as oatmeal and heather.

Scottish Fine Soaps heather soap Scottish Fine Soaps oatmeal soap

Scottish-inspired soaps

4. Tartan yourself up

Perfect for those chilly auld winter mornings, a tartan dressing gown will look a treat on you.

Tartan dressing gown

Tartan dressing gown

5. Check out your windows, with tartan style blinds

Window coverings can often be a bit dull and uninspiring, so why not liven them up with a colourful, celtic-inspired design like this?

Tartan window blind

Tartan window blind

6. A bonnie wee bath

And last but not least, to keep the chills from your bones, why not treat yourself to this bonnie wee bath?

Elegant Elsie freestanding bath

Elegant Elsie roll top bath - from £399 at

Does your bathroom reflect your region?

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