If you're one of those people who can't be without your shower, then you're certainly not alone. There has been an increasing trend towards replacing the slightly long-winded bath with a quick and invigorating shower, especially first thing in the morning.

As well as being a real time saver, showers are certainly more eco-friendly, using far less water than a bath. Another thing that makes bathroom showers great, is that they don’t take up too much room, so if you are short on space there will always be the right shower to fit your exact dimensions.

So what are your options?

Electric shower

An electric shower is a great option, as it is simple to install and works straight from the cold water supply, so there is hardly any plumbing required. But, the really great thing about an electric shower is that it will still work even if the hot water tank fails, so you will always have hot water when and where you want it. An electric shower is great for saving energy and comes in a range of colour options including white and chrome.

At VictoriaPlum.com, you'll find a wide range of options from the best electric shower manufacturers, including Aqualisa and Triton. Just make sure you employ a qualified professional for your electrical shower installation.

Slider rail kit

A slider rail kit is again, easy to install and very flexible. The shower head can be adjusted along the rail to suit the height of the person in the shower. What is really great about this type of shower is, if your water pressure is good enough it can be simply used with a bath shower mixer tap and a bath screen to provide a very cost effective shower.

Splash slider rail kit

A simple shower, like our Splash slider rail kit, can be used to turn your bath into a multi-purpose shower bath

Space saving shower enclosure

A quadrant or curved enclosure is the ideal type of shower if you are looking to maximise space. They fit snugly into the corner and can even have sliding doors - so they won’t open out into the room, giving you a little more space.

You can also find keyhole spacesaver enclosures. With a rounded end and straight entrance, these give you designer style but fit neatly into bathrooms where space is tight.

Infiniti 8mm single sliding door quadrant shower enclosure 900 x 900

A quadrant enclosure with sliding door, like our Infiniti model, is ideal where space is tight

Overhead shower

An overhead shower head is one that comes out of the ceiling or wall. These are not only really stylish but it means you can position it directly above your head, providing a clean and minimalist look. Combine with a concealed valve and you have the minimum of pipework on display, ensuring more room for other things.

Tetra square shower head 250mm

The Tetra square shower head isn't just super-stylish, it is also highly compact

Looking for further inspiration? There are plenty more great small bathroom ideas at VictoriaPlum.com.