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What is a bathroom with just a shower called?
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What is a bathroom with just a shower called?

Posted by Adam Chard in Room planning | 1 year ago 7 min read

I say, I say, I say... What do you call a bathroom with just a shower in it? For the answer to this, and a brief explanation of bathroom terminology, read on...

Bathrooms are a staple in houses, and the number of bathrooms in a house can influence the price point at which a house can sell for. Many homeowners look not only for the number of bedrooms available, but the number of bathrooms as well when searching the market for the perfect house.

However, you’ll soon see that bathrooms aren’t like bedrooms. Unlike the latter of the two, bathrooms don't just come in integer numbers like one and two, rather, they can come in fractions or decimals depending on where you’re from. You may come across houses that have two baths, another with one-and-a-half bathroom, and some with even three-quarter baths. 

You're probably thinking, what do those numbers mean, more specifically, those with fractions in them. Well, you can find out all about it by reading on.

What a full bathroom is

Bathrooms, by definition, typically contain a combination of sinks, a toilet, a bathtub and perhaps even a shower or a shower-bathtub combo in some cases. These 4 fixtures are the key components of what can make up a bathroom. However, just like how bathrooms come in different sizes, bathrooms also come with different combinations of these fixtures.

A bathroom with the whole set is what we call a full bathroom and most houses have at least one full bath. Full bathrooms are typically the largest in the house (and, in many cases, the only bathroom in the house), especially those found next to the master bedroom, and are a desirable feature of any home. Whilst full bathrooms sometimes contain additional furniture or fixtures such as a double sink vanity unit or storage, they are not necessary for a bathroom to be classified as one.

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A half-bath, (sometimes known as a "powder room", especially in the US), is as the name suggests! Half-baths contain half of what full bathrooms have. Most half-baths come equipped with a toilet and a sink, but other configurations do exist such as half-baths with a sink and bathtub/shower. 

Despite only coming with only half the fixtures that make a full bathroom, half-baths are actually a popular choice amongst homeowners. In fact, most homeowners will choose to convert a spare space on the main floor of multistorey homes into a "powder room". This not only provides easier access to those on the first floor or guests in the living room, but it is also much cheaper than building an additional full bathroom. 

Half-bathrooms are also a wise choice to implement into newly owned homes due to the resale value that it provides. A half-bath is an investment and increases the house’s value, making you back more than what you put into installing it.

Example of a half bath bathroom

A half bath bathroom typically contains just 2 fixtures—usually a toilet and basin

What makes a quarter bathroom?

What would a bathroom with only a shower be called? Most bathrooms contain multiple fixtures, giving you a full bath or a half bath. However, can a bathroom contain just one fixture? These types of bathrooms do exist, and they are referred to as quarter-bathrooms. 

These quarter-bathrooms are quite rare simply due to the fact that they contain only one of the 4 main elements of a bathroom. The most commonly seen are those that contain a shower and are typically found at beaches or pools. These bathrooms provide a means for the user to quickly rinse off sand or pool water. 

These bathrooms are, however, quite rare in homes because a bathroom with only a shower or bathtub would be quite costly and doesn’t add much value. On the other hand, a single toilet would be unhygienic as users wouldn’t be able to rinse their hands after due to a lack of a sink. Although, with this ingenious toilet sink combination (pictured below), you could combine both fixtures.

Orchard Wharfe compact all in one toilet and basin unit with tap and waste

Save space with this all-in-one toilet and basin unit from the Orchard Bathrooms Wharfe collection

Three quarter bath

A three quarter bathroom is a very popular amenity in most modern homes or flats nowadays. Three-quarter bathrooms contain just 3 out of the 4 elements of a full bath, typically a sink, toilet and shower. 

These three quarter bath are a popular option in smaller homes as they provide most of what a full bath can offer but in a much smaller area. There are also three quarter bath that contain a bathtub instead of a shower, and they are often sought after for one reason. Sometimes these have either a shower or a tub, sometimes they have some sort of tub shower combo with a shower screen instead of a walk in shower with a shower stall, and sometimes storage space is prioritised so bathroom space is limited leading to a small shower stall and a layout closer to a half bath or a quarter bath.

It is relatively easy to convert a three-quarter bathroom that already contains a tub into a full bath, especially if you have stud partition walls. All it takes is to install a shower head and some extra plumbing and you’re set for your three quarter bath.

Orchard Eden bathroom suite with straight bath

With the addition of a shower and screen, this three quarter bath could be easily transformed into a full bath

What does 1.5 or 1.75 bathrooms mean?

If you plan on purchasing a home, it is highly likely that you will be looking for a home that contains more than just one full bathroom. Chances are, you will come across terms such as one-and-a-half bathrooms or 1.5 bathrooms, and even 1.75 bathrooms as well. These numbers refer to the number of bathrooms available in the house as well as the type of bathroom as well. 

A home that has one full bathroom and one "powder room" would be referred to as having one-and-a-half bathrooms. 1.75 bathrooms would mean a full bathroom and a quarter bathroom as well. Two bathrooms suggest two full bathrooms, so on and so forth.

However, if a house were to have two full bathrooms and two powder rooms, it can’t be referred to as having three bathrooms as it would be misleading. Instead, houses like these will simply be referred to as having two bathrooms and two half bathrooms in order to provide a more accurate sense of the home’s available amenities.

Orchard Derwent complete ensuite suite with quadrant enclosure, tray and taps

A typical three quarter bathroom containing shower, toilet and basin


Bathrooms are an important feature of homes and as such, it is important that we are able to discern the different types of bathrooms available. Choosing the right bathroom depends on your needs, as well as the type of home you own. Owners of multi-storey homes would typically want a full bath bathroom close to their master bedrooms to meet their daily needs. 

Powder rooms on the main floor are also a great investment for these homeowners due to the value and accessibility that they provide. If you have kids or additional tenants living with you, an additional full bath or half bathroom is a must. On the other hand, owners of smaller homes or flats can look towards three-quarter bathrooms and if you are able to, converting to a full bath is pretty easy as well.

For more information on this subject, why not read our comprehensive introduction to bathrooms, where you'll find out all about full bathrooms, half bathrooms and more.

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Author, Adam Chard

Posted by Adam Chard in Room planning | 1 year ago

A born & raised West Countryman, now living on the Yorkshire Coast, for over 10 years Adam has been bringing home interior ideas to life at Victoria Plum. Adam’s favourite interior styles have been shaped by both urban and natural influences.

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