Bathrooms come in all shapes, sizes and layouts, meaning that each and every bathroom renovation throws up its own unique problems.

One of the issues you'll probably have to tackle is where and how to position your bath. So it's no wonder one of the questions we're frequently asked is "What is a standard bath size?".

Whilst things like bathroom plumbing, electrical equipment and heating all come with industry standard sizes, it can often appear that baths do not come with similar standard dimensions. But is this actually true?

What is a standard bath size?

Before the widespread use of the metric system, it was generally accepted that the standard bath size in the UK was 5 foot 6 inches in length. Of course, this now translates as a bath size of 1700mm in length x 700mm in width, which is the most common bath size we sell at

As the average UK bathroom is around 2.3m x 2.7m in size, this would make sense, as it still leaves at least 0.7 metres or 1 metre of clear space, depending on the orientation of your bath.

Eden square edge single ended bath

The Eden square edge single ended bath 1700mm x 700mm is a great example of a standard bath size

One important thing to remember when measuring for your straight bath is that tiles may give you a false impression of the space you have available. If you measure from tiled wall to tiled wall, you may have a measurement of, say 1685mm, whereas, in fact, the total space will more than likely be 1700mm.

No matter what type of bath you're installing, whether it's a freestanding tub or a straight bath, find out how to measure correctly with this quick video:

Small baths

Despite there being a standard bath size, you will sometimes find baths or spaces that do not fit with these dimensions. For example, when was approached by the BBC's DIY SOS to help with a project on a family home near Hull, we found that the bath actually measured an incredibly short 1400mm in length. This was so short in fact, we were forced to order a specially constructed bath from one of our suppliers which would fit such a small gap.

Small baths are generally considered to be around 1500mm or 1600mm in length, however, in most cases, the width generally won't deviate from the standard 700mm. If you do have a space as small as this, why not consider a corner bath?

Orchard Wharfe corner bath

Small bathroom? No worries. The Wharfe corner bath slots neatly into the corner

Large baths

At the opposite end of the scale, whilst humans are, on average, getting larger, baths have now increased their proportions, especially in new builds and renovations, resulting in large baths that exceed the standard bath size.

The largest bath we stock is 1800mm in length and up to 850mm wide. That's 5 foot 9 inches, which is just shy of the average height of a male in the UK today. If you have the luxury of space in your bathroom, why not opt for a larger size?

Standard bath sizes

We’ve included some of the standard bath sizes we sell here at

Straight bath dimensions

Based on Orchard square edge single ended bath

Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Capacity (litres)
1400mm 700mm 400mm 160l
1500mm 700mm 400mm 175l
1600mm 700mm 400mm 185l
1700mm 700mm 545mm 200l
1700mm 750mm 545mm 220l
1800mm 800mm 545mm 260l

Corner bath dimensions

Name Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Capacity (litres)
Orchard Elsdon corner bath 1500mm 1050mm 400mm 160l
Orchard Wharfe corner bath 1200mm 1200mm 560mm 210l

Freestanding bath dimensions

Name Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Capacity (litres)
Orchard Wharfe freestanding bath 1565 x 740 1565mm 740mm 580mm 180l
Orchard Wharfe freestanding bath 1770 x 800 1770mm 800mm 555mm 220l
The Bath Co. Dulwich freestanding single ended bath 1500 x 780 1500mm 780mm 500mm 217l
The Bath Co. Dulwich roll top freestanding bath with chrome claw feet 1695 x 700 1695mm 700mm 610mm 170l

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